How to Select a Toothbrush

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Choosing a toothbrush is not that easy. Why because there are plenty to choose from these days. Varieties of it are on the shelves of the stores. You have wide range of colors. Shape variations are there in the handles. Bristles too have different shapes to suit the shape of the teeth.

There are a few points you have to check before you buy a toothbrush. Check if you have halitosis problem, bad breath or bleeding gum. This is because these problems can sometimes be solved by using the right type of toothbrush.

If you have bleeding gums better not buy the toothbrush which has hard bristles. The purpose of using the brush is to clean our mouth. A brush with hard bristles will be hard on your gums and make brushing a painful event. And it may damage the gums and lead to bad breath problem.

When you choose toothbrush for toddlers you have to keep in mind certain things. One has to ensure that it fits their mouth. Neither too big nor too small would do. Check if it has soft bristle because hard bristle will affect the toddlers’ gums which are very soft. See that they do not bite the bristle which always happens. Help them to know the correct way of brushing.

Check the handles of the brush before purchasing. Try to hold the brush and see if it is comfortable while holding it. It should not slip because of the texture. If the handle is slippery it may slip when you brush and cause damage to your gums. Again it is a routine process of causing bad breath.

While brushing, be gentle to your teeth. It is a myth that if you brush hard your mouth will have fresh breath. See if the head of the brush perfectly fits into your mouth and feels comfortable when you brush. Always get the head which has soft bristles and is made of natural fibers.

Do not buy a brush just because you are attracted by its color or your friend has it. Choose a brush which suits your dental makeup.

A few guidelines for toothbrush maintenance are:
1. Replace your toothbrush with a new one frequently.
2. Change it if it becomes soggy on use.
3. Never use others toothbrush.
4. Replace it if the bristles change their shape.
5. Dip it once in a while in hot water with little salt added to it.
6. Change it soon after you get over your illness, especially, bad breath.

Using an apt toothbrush is the secret way to cure bad breath.