Home Remedies for Bad Breath

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Here are some home remedies to remove bad breath:

Chewing on a few cloves and taking in the extract helps fight bad breath. The twin benefit of this home remedy for bad breath is, it fights bad breath and also helps to reduce toothache.

Chewing of fresh parsley leaves helps overcome the bad breath left by intake of onions and garlic. This herbal home remedy for bad breath also provides some amount of minerals to your body.

Excess of mucus or saliva in the mouth can also cause bad breath. The herb sage help freshen breath. It also helps reduce gum infections like gingivitis.

An essential oil, myrrh can be used to cure bad breath. Bad breath can be caused due to colds, sinus problems and gingivitis. Myrrh oil can help control gingivitis, colds and sinus problems.

Lemon and salt when combined will help you to fight bad breath. Add a pinch of salt and some sugar to the lemon extract diluted in water. Intake of this juice at frequent intervals throughout the day may help you get fresh breath.

Grind 3 parts of peppermint leaves with 2 parts of water in the blender. Gargle with this mixture two to three times a day for a week. This may reduce bad breath.

The easier way to prevent bad breath is to consume lot of water because dry mouth may also be the reason for bad breath.

If you have tooth cavity, it may also cause bad breath. Use salt to help reduce bad breath. Take some salt and brush your teeth with it. You can even press some salt on the tooth decay. Spit out the saliva which dribbles out. It may ease your pain and also reduce bad breath temporarily till you meet your dentist.

The best way to fight bad breath is following good oral hygiene. Brushing of teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, rinsing your mouth well after every meal and getting regular dental check ups done are the ways to maintain good oral hygiene. Change your toothbrush at least once in two months.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of fresh and plain water. This home remedy for bad breath provides holistic health benefits too.

If you have stomach problems like acidity you may have bad breath. There is no alternative to this except to consult your doctor.

Home remedies for bad breath are useful for infrequent occurrence of bad breath. They are also helpful as a temporary control measure till you see your dentist. The safest way though to fight bad breath is to follow the advice given by your dentist.