Ways of Knowing Your Bad Breath

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All of us have had bad breath at least once in our life time. The first indication that you have bad breath is when you speak to someone and he or she takes a step backwards. You need to get to know of your bad breath as soon as it occurs. You need to get treated for bad breath as soon as you come to know of your bad breath. This way you will be saved from embarrassment.

It is not easy to get to know the foul smell in our mouth on our own. Since our nasal organs get used to the smell it does not let us know. But others sensory organs pick up the foul smell because they are not used to our bad breath. Even our sensory organs pick up the foul smell of bad breath in others.

When people offer you mouth refreshers you can presume you have bad breath. As soon as you get back home you can do a few checks for bad breath.

Check your tongue first. Clean it with a tongue cleaner. Make sure there is no white colored coating over the tongue. If your mouth smells foul then go to the next method. Chew on a small chewing gum in your mouth, take it out and smell it. If you can smell a foul smell then you do have a bad breath.

There are much easier ways to know if your breath smells foul. Cup both your hands together, take it close to your mouth and then breathe out. If you feel there is bad smell then try again. If you still feel you are not comfortable with your breath then you do have bad breath problem. The best way to confirm is to breath-out onto a mirror and breath-in. You have bad breath if you are breathing in foul smell.

The problem may be a temporary one caused by intake of certain foods. If you take onion, garlic, tea or coffee you are sure to have a bad breath soon after consuming such foods. Smoking and alcohol consumption also leave a bad breath. The ingredients found in these tend to give a foul smell to your mouth. In Asian countries betel leaves chewing gives bad breath.

Chronic dental problem may also lead to bad breath. Your dentist is the best person to make you aware of this. See if you have bleeding gums. Bleeding gums indicate presence of gum diseases. Gum diseases cause bad breath. Swollen gums and sore boils in your mouth also cause bad breath. These problems should be immediately looked into.

Take any of these steps above to make yourself aware of your bad breath. There are many easy remedies for bad breath. Follow them and rid yourself of bad breath.

Treatment for Bad Breath during Office Hours

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Soon after having a spicy lunch with garlic and onion, you come to know of a meeting! You do not have time to get rid of the smell of the spicy food in your mouth. You fear you may have a bad breath which may cause embarrassment. Follow these simple techniques to bring back fresh breath instantly.

Always have some table salt in your bag or your shelf. This will be handy to use. Take some water, if possible some lukewarm water. Add a pinch of salt to the water. Rinse your mouth well and spit out. You can also rub some salt on your teeth if you feel like. Now try smelling your breathe. You will not smell garlic and onion. And you are also left with sparkling clean teeth. You can now attend the meeting without worrying about bad breath.

Always have your tongue cleaner with you. It will help you to clean your tongue and get rid of bad breath instantly. Bad breath is also caused due to food coating the tongue. Carry a small pouch of mouthwash with you because you don’t know when you will have to meet your boss or an important person. Just rinse your mouth with mouthwash and get ready to meet your boss with fresh breath.

If you can get hold of fresh lime, it will work wonders. Take some fresh extract of lime, add salt to it, gargle with it and spit out. You will instantly have a refreshing fresh breath. You can have some cloves too in your bag. Chewing of cloves will be of help to cure bad breath. It helps ease tooth pain as well. Put some cloves in your mouth, chew it for sometime and spit out. This is an easy treatment for bad breath.

If you have time to go to a store before the meeting, purchase a mouth refresher and chew on it. By the time you get down to the meeting, you will find the lingering fresh breath still with you.

Stock up some essential oils like that of wintergreen, mint or peppermint in your desk. Applying them all over your tongue helps regain fresh breath. They come in handy even for headaches and colds.

Try taking some parsley or mint leaves. These are natural and safe mouth refreshers. Take some of these leaves, chew on it slowly and then spit out. Look forward to your meeting and forget your bad breath.

These are easy treatments for bad breath and give you fresh breath in a moment. These handy tips may help you to regain your confidence back and face the situation with ease. So have these ingredients with you in your office desk. Do not let the bad breath get into your way.

Soothe the Cause of Bad Breath

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Continual bad breath is mostly caused by a number of disorders which affect the teeth and gums. One way of dealing with this is regularly visiting your dentist. You need to get your teeth professionally cleaned by the dentist. The dentist will also treat any underlying dental problems. Infrequent bad breath is normally caused by some foods that we consume like onion and garlic. Sometimes bad breath is caused even due to other health problems.

According to physicians, bad breath could be a symptom of a number of diseases like diabetes, sinusitis, bronchitis and acidity. Bad breath caused due to such diseases cannot be cured with fresh breath giving mint flavored chew gums. This is because despite chewing of these gums, brushing teeth twice a day, flossing daily, rinsing of mouth well after each meal, bad breath continues.

Once you come to know what causes bad breath, the first step that you may take is to slightly change your diet and fluids intake. This would control bad breath if food had been the cause of bad breath. The next step that you may take is to control the intake of sugary foods like chocolates and candy. Consumption of ample quantities of water also helps check bad breath. You need to take more of hard and crunchy fruits and raw vegetables. Intake of soft fruits and vegetables is to be followed with intake of somewhat hard foods.

Soft and sticky foods like chocolates and avocados coat the tongue. So these foods should be avoided.
You may instead take foods which require vigorous chewing. This helps salivation of the mouth. Salivation of the mouth cleanses the mouth. A clean mouth will have fresh breath.

Exercise care when trying to soothe the causes of bad breath with medicines available over the counter. These medicines coat the tongue causing bad breath. These medicines may also cause indigestion. Indigestion will increase bad breath. A better way of taking medicines is in tablet form. This way one may protect the tongue from getting coated with medicines.

It is recommended not to allow your stomach to remain empty. Gastric acids collecting in an empty stomach causes bad odor in the stomach and thereby bad breath in the mouth. You need to have healthy snacks in between meals. This way the gastric acids will have the healthy snacks to act upon and move further down the digestion tract. You will be able to prevent bad breath.

Simple Treatments for Bad Breath

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There are many simple treatments for bad breath. This article will help you learn about a few of them.

When bad breath is not chronic, the problem can be treated at home with the help of mouthwashes, toothpastes, etc. But if bad breath is chronic, the problem has to be dealt with by the dentist. Bad breath is a symptom of some underlying disease. The dentist will be able to diagnose the cause of bad breath. The duration of the treatment for bad breath depends on the extent of your problem.

The best and quick way to get rid of bad breath is brushing your teeth with a good toothbrush and toothpaste. One can try rinsing of mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Brushing your teeth with salt or baking soda from your kitchen also helps. It helps to keep your teeth sparkling clean and free from germs which cause bad breath. This is a simple bad breath treatment.

The first step is to find out the cause of your bad breath. If it is caused due to foods you eat, the way to get rid of bad breath is simple. Just clean your mouth properly. Say, after you take onion, garlic, etc. chew on some mouth freshening gums or use mouthwash to get back fresh breath.

Do not create grounds for debris to settle down on your tongue. It may also cause bad breath. The easy treatment for bad breath of this kind is, using a tongue cleaner. Use the tongue cleaner and scrape your tongue gently. This will remove the white layer formed on it and help you get rid of bad breath.

Clove is another kitchen ingredient which helps you to fight bad breath. Take 1 or 2 cloves and chew it well. This will leave your mouth with fresh breath. Cardamom can also be used for curing your bad breath. When you chew on cardamom the sweet smell of cardamom in your mouth will replace the bad odor.

An effective bad breath treatment is cleaning your mouth after every meal. This will prevent the accumulation of bacteria which is the main cause for bad breath. Rinse your mouth well. The food particles should not remain stuck to the teeth. Clean your teeth and tongue also to remove any sticky food particles from your mouth.

The above bad breath treatments are for the people who have bad breath but not due to clinical reasons. If you have bad breath due to tooth decay, gum diseases or plaque formation, then you have to take treatment for bad breath from your dentist.

Prevention and Dental Care for Bad Breath

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Rather than being embarrassed of bad breath, it is better to attack the problem and get rid of it. There are many secret cures for bad breath.

The first step is to find out “what causes the bad breath?” Once you get to know the answer to this, the next is to get rid of bad breath.

Try the following to get rid of bad breath:
* maintain good dental hygiene
* follow the basic principle of brushing of teeth twice daily
* floss at least once a day
* if bad breath is in the early stage, try some home remedies
* avoid foods which will cause this problem.

The bacteria present in the food we take may also cause bad breath. So if that is the cause for bad breath, try to change your diet. Do not consume too much of spicy stuffs. Eatables with sugar should also be avoided. But if you cannot resist taking spicy and sugary stuff, at least make sure you brush your teeth immediately after consuming these.

It is very important to have proper dental care from very young age. Toddlers should be helped by their parents while they brush their teeth. Children tend to frequently get affected by halitosis. They need to be guided to maintain dental hygiene. Children taught good habits continue to follow them even when they become adults.

Women tend to develop bad breath when they attain puberty and during their pregnancy. They have to be additionally careful in taking care of their teeth during these phases of their lives. Taking of pills during pregnancy can be the cause of bad breath.

The other most important step in curing bad breath is choosing the right type of toothbrush and toothpaste. They should suit your body type and dental condition. If you have toddlers at home see to that they do not swallow the toothpaste. Teach them to rinse their mouth well after every brushing event.

Try to get rid of the dental problems causing bad breath. Dental problems like cavities in the tooth, plaque formation, gum diseases, abscess in the gums, etc can cause bad breath.

A simple home remedy for bad breath is to take some warm water with salt added to it. Rinse your mouth with it. Salt attacks the bacteria in your mouth and makes your mouth smell fresh.

Find out if there are other health problems like gut problems and acidity. These may also be the cause for the bad odor in your mouth. These health problems can be treated only by doctors and hence you need to meet a physician immediately.

Smoking and alcohol consumption may also cause bad breath. It is advised to stop smoking and take alcohol moderately.

If dry mouth is causing bad breath, it is advised to take plenty of water. Chewing of chewing gums salivate the mouth and prevents occurrence of dry mouth.

If the cause of bad breath is not known, maintain a diary of food intake and medications taken during a month. The dentist will analyze your diary and try to find the cause of bad breath.

How to Select a Toothbrush

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Choosing a toothbrush is not that easy. Why because there are plenty to choose from these days. Varieties of it are on the shelves of the stores. You have wide range of colors. Shape variations are there in the handles. Bristles too have different shapes to suit the shape of the teeth.

There are a few points you have to check before you buy a toothbrush. Check if you have halitosis problem, bad breath or bleeding gum. This is because these problems can sometimes be solved by using the right type of toothbrush.

If you have bleeding gums better not buy the toothbrush which has hard bristles. The purpose of using the brush is to clean our mouth. A brush with hard bristles will be hard on your gums and make brushing a painful event. And it may damage the gums and lead to bad breath problem.

When you choose toothbrush for toddlers you have to keep in mind certain things. One has to ensure that it fits their mouth. Neither too big nor too small would do. Check if it has soft bristle because hard bristle will affect the toddlers’ gums which are very soft. See that they do not bite the bristle which always happens. Help them to know the correct way of brushing.

Check the handles of the brush before purchasing. Try to hold the brush and see if it is comfortable while holding it. It should not slip because of the texture. If the handle is slippery it may slip when you brush and cause damage to your gums. Again it is a routine process of causing bad breath.

While brushing, be gentle to your teeth. It is a myth that if you brush hard your mouth will have fresh breath. See if the head of the brush perfectly fits into your mouth and feels comfortable when you brush. Always get the head which has soft bristles and is made of natural fibers.

Do not buy a brush just because you are attracted by its color or your friend has it. Choose a brush which suits your dental makeup.

A few guidelines for toothbrush maintenance are:
1. Replace your toothbrush with a new one frequently.
2. Change it if it becomes soggy on use.
3. Never use others toothbrush.
4. Replace it if the bristles change their shape.
5. Dip it once in a while in hot water with little salt added to it.
6. Change it soon after you get over your illness, especially, bad breath.

Using an apt toothbrush is the secret way to cure bad breath.

How to Rid Oneself of Bad Breath

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Here are some easy ways to get rid of bad breath and have fresh breath:

Try not to consume foods which will leave bad odor in your mouth. Foods like onion and garlic leave a bad odor in the mouth. Make sure you clean your mouth with mouthwash immediately after consumption of such foods. This is one of the home remedies for bad breath.

After every meal, make sure you rinse your mouth well with plain water. This is the best treatment for bad breath. Food residue in the mouth breeds bacteria. Rinsing the mouth with water helps loosen the food particles stuck between the teeth. This will prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth which is the main cause of bad breath.

Choose tooth brush and tooth paste according to your dental needs. Your dentist will be able to recommend one to you according to your dental structure or dental problems. Stick to a single brand of toothpaste which suits you. Change your brush if it is worn out.

Keep your tongue clean to prevent bad breath. With the help of a tongue cleaner, scrape the layer on the tongue gently to remove the white colored debris. The white colored debris is bacterium. Bacterium on the tongue causes bad breath. Also massage your tongue with the tongue cleaner gently.

If your mouth is dry then you will tend to have a foul smell in your mouth. Take considerable amount of water to prevent dry mouth conditions. Also take in lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep away bad breath.

You can use floss to remove the debris between the teeth. Floss gently and not harshly. Do not use toothpicks for this as it may harm your gums. Flossing will curtail the growth of bacteria on the left over food particles.

Eating too much of sugary stuff can also be the cause of bad breath. Try to at least reduce the amount of sugary intake if not avoid. And if you still find it hard to resist, clean your teeth well soon after intake of the sugary stuff.

Unchecked growth of bacteria along the gum line causes the formation of tartar. These give bad breath. Tartar deposits can be removed by a dentist using instruments. Hence one shout seek a dental appointment with the dentist. Take the help of the dentist to get rid of bad breath by getting rid of tartar.

These simple methods will help you get rid of bad breath and have fresh breath.

How to Get rid of Bad Breath using Mouthwash

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There are many types of mouthwashes. You have to choose the one which suits your kind of bad breath and get a fresh breath. It helps you make your mouth smell fresh, free of odor and allows you to socialize freely.

The best way to cure your bad breath, if it is not due to any major dental problem, is to use a mouthwash. Choose the mouthwash which has a pleasant flavor. It should be mild as well. While making the toddlers get used to using mouthwashes, be careful and make sure to be with them while they try them out.

You have to use mouthwash as part of your cleaning process. Do not ever try to substitute mouthwash rinsing for your brushing. Though the label says it helps in fighting your dental problems, use them only after you have brushed your teeth. Rinse your mouth well with this so that it reaches all the parts of the mouth.

The mouthwashes are available in regular form as well as medicated form for the people who have halitosis. You have to choose the one which will meet your dental requirement. People who are prone to dental problem like cavity can try mouthwash which has fluoride. Since the fluoride content will help them to reduce the recurrence of tooth decay. Have a check with your dentist before you use your mouthwash.

Using mouthwash is one of the ways to cure your bad breath. But it may also lead to allergic reactions if it does not suit your individual body type. One should go through the list of ingredients listed out on the label of the mouthwash and check if they suit your individual body type.

A few guidelines to be followed while using a mouthwash are:
1. Do use the mouthwash after every brushing event.
2. Rinse your mouth well with it.
3. Spit the contents out after rinsing.
4. You may wait for 30 minutes after using mouthwash to consume food.
5. Be with the kids to guide them when they use mouthwash.
6. You can even clean your toothbrush with mouthwash.
7. Get a mouthwash after your dentist advises you to do so.

Cleaning your brush with mouthwash can prevent the bacteria from entering your mouth. So first get your toothbrush cleaned up with your mouthwash.

If you are a lover of natural products, there is an easy way to make a mouthwash at home. Take some mint leaves and add it to boiling water. Cool the water and gargle with it.

Another simple treatment for bad breath is a mouthwash of salt added to lukewarm water. Rinse your mouth with salt added to water. It will prevent bad breath and is also good for your throat. It kills the bacteria in your mouth giving you a fresh breath.

So whether the mouthwash is a natural, normal or a medicated one, use mouthwash and get fresh breath.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

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Here are some home remedies to remove bad breath:

Chewing on a few cloves and taking in the extract helps fight bad breath. The twin benefit of this home remedy for bad breath is, it fights bad breath and also helps to reduce toothache.

Chewing of fresh parsley leaves helps overcome the bad breath left by intake of onions and garlic. This herbal home remedy for bad breath also provides some amount of minerals to your body.

Excess of mucus or saliva in the mouth can also cause bad breath. The herb sage help freshen breath. It also helps reduce gum infections like gingivitis.

An essential oil, myrrh can be used to cure bad breath. Bad breath can be caused due to colds, sinus problems and gingivitis. Myrrh oil can help control gingivitis, colds and sinus problems.

Lemon and salt when combined will help you to fight bad breath. Add a pinch of salt and some sugar to the lemon extract diluted in water. Intake of this juice at frequent intervals throughout the day may help you get fresh breath.

Grind 3 parts of peppermint leaves with 2 parts of water in the blender. Gargle with this mixture two to three times a day for a week. This may reduce bad breath.

The easier way to prevent bad breath is to consume lot of water because dry mouth may also be the reason for bad breath.

If you have tooth cavity, it may also cause bad breath. Use salt to help reduce bad breath. Take some salt and brush your teeth with it. You can even press some salt on the tooth decay. Spit out the saliva which dribbles out. It may ease your pain and also reduce bad breath temporarily till you meet your dentist.

The best way to fight bad breath is following good oral hygiene. Brushing of teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, rinsing your mouth well after every meal and getting regular dental check ups done are the ways to maintain good oral hygiene. Change your toothbrush at least once in two months.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of fresh and plain water. This home remedy for bad breath provides holistic health benefits too.

If you have stomach problems like acidity you may have bad breath. There is no alternative to this except to consult your doctor.

Home remedies for bad breath are useful for infrequent occurrence of bad breath. They are also helpful as a temporary control measure till you see your dentist. The safest way though to fight bad breath is to follow the advice given by your dentist.

Choosing Toothpastes to Check Bad Breath

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Purchase of toothpaste is an ordinary matter until you have fresh breath. But if you have bad breath you have to be careful when you purchase toothpaste.

There are many brands of toothpastes available in the market. Some claim to make the teeth whiter, some claim to fight dental diseases and some claim to be all-in-one toothpaste.

Rather than going by taste, smell and color try to purchase toothpaste which suits your body constitution. It should not cause an adverse allergic reaction.

First check if the toothpaste you buy is clinically approved by your country. This way you can be sure it meets certain standards of safety and effectiveness.

Before selecting toothpaste try to consult your dentist about your dental problems. Follow their advice on toothpaste selection. There are toothpastes which may help us to soothe our dental problems.

There are toothpastes which cater to the needs of specific dental problems. If you have dental problems, check the chemical make up of your toothpaste and see if it helps you to solve your dental problem.

If you have bleeding gum choose toothpaste which will not be harsh on the gums and which will lessen the bleeding. Some toothpaste can act as medication for your bad breath. Some toothpaste eases tooth sensitivity. Some are antibacterial and help those who get cavities frequently.

Some toothpaste contains sodium pyrophosphate which control plaque formation. They help remove plaque and check further formation of plaque.

Toothpaste which contains baking soda is a tooth whitener. But its abrasive nature can cause harm if used for long.

While choosing toothpaste for toddlers look out for toothpaste with natural ingredients. They are mild in chemical composition. We should teach the toddlers how to use toothpastes. The toddlers have the habit of swallowing the toothpaste if we do not keep a watch on them.

Toothpastes with natural ingredients normally suit all body types. They are milder than chemicals. When you buy toothpaste see if it contains natural ingredients for the dental problem you have. For example, the toothpaste which has mint gives you fresh breath.

Never choose your toothpaste at random when you have dental problem because it may aggravate the problem. For example, saccharin in your toothpaste may encourage bacterial growth.
If you feel you are comfortable with your toothpaste and if it cures your bad breath stick to it. Do not take risk by changing toothpaste.

When you brush see to it that your toothpaste reaches every part of your teeth and spreads evenly. Make sure you rinse well after brushing. So that toothpaste does not stay back and cause bad breath problems.

So much thought processes are involved in a simple matter as buying of toothpaste. Buy thoughtfully and have a fresh breath all through.

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