Stress and Anxiety: How to Deal with Them

February 20, 2009 by  
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Stress and anxiety are one of the normal reactions of the human body. Anxiety is the normal reaction of the body when we are faced with danger or a physical or emotional threat. Our heart rate quickens, our minds become alert, breathing speeds up and our body prepares us for quick and immediate action.

But when we allow ourselves to worry too much and let fear get the best of us, only then will anxiety be damaging to our lives. When we become over anxious, our actions are halted and we are left alone in our thoughts, worrying, thinking and doing nothing at all!

Listed below are simple steps on how to you should deal with anxiety and anxiety attacks. Read on and educate yourself on these helpful tips to help you keep anxiety at bay:

1. Meditate. If you experience too much anxiety, think and meditate on the reasons why you are feeling the way you do. Are you having too much stress from work or at home? Pinpointing the real reason for such feeling can help a lot because this will give you an idea on what situations you should be keeping away from or what problems do you need help with.

2. Seek support. Your friends and family members are there for a reason. As the cliché goes, “no man is an island”. So if you experience too much worrying, then tell your loved ones about it. This is because when we worry too much, we sometimes fail to see the bigger picture. We tend to magnify our problems to uncontrollable proportions that make it look like it’s beyond control. But for some people who can see otherwise, they can give you the reality check that you need.

3. Take time to unwind. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our work or in our problems that is would seem like it’s the only thing that’s left in the world. So take a step back and go out of your way to have fun. Spend that weekend with family and friends and do something enjoyable. Have fun and make it a habit to do so. Keep in mind that there is a balance that must be maintained in our lives and that there is always a time fro everything. You are the only person that can handle that stress and manage it the way it should.

4. Know when to seek medical help. Some forms of stress may not be caused by physical and emotional stimulants alone but sometimes, by hormonal imbalances in our bodies. So if symptoms of anxiety or anxiety attacks get uncontrollable, don’t hesitate to ask help from a medical professional already.

Remember, with anxiety, you are the one holding the solution. It is a matter of choosing to see life differently and being brave enough to ask help when you need it. It is a choice you make everyday: to succumb to fear and worry and let your life crash down before your eyes or to chose to walk a different road and rise over anxiety and give yourself a chance to life that full life you deserve.