The Secrets to Quitting Smoking

March 13, 2009 by  
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Smokers are always told to stop smoking, but if you’ve been there and tried that, you know that quitting smoking simply isn’t that easy. Even those with great willpower find it difficult to simply stop smoking. The fact is that both psychology and physiology play a role in stop smoking help.

Naturally, pure dedication is also a stop smoking aid. But unfortunately, only 6% of smokers are ever successful at their first attempt to quit smoking. Being dedicated to the no smoking cause is essential in success in the long run.

The secret to quitting smoking is by understanding the mechanisms behind willpower and how it functions in a no smoking cause.

Choices are made in every area of life, but the big ones take deep thoughts and concentration before acting upon them. It is important to find your personal link between willpower and achievement of your goal, which is to stop smoking.

Stress is probably the main reason that people continue smoking; it serves as an aid to life as time goes by, apparently. When a major negative event happens that people cannot control, stress arises and smoking seems to restore the calm before the storm. Along this stressful journey called life, however, it is possible to interrupt it.

Begin by making a list of why smoking has become a habit for you. Do you start smoking the minute you wake up? If so, place cigarettes away from eyesight and focus all your strength into your willpower and avoid smoking when you open your eyes. Delay smoking until way after dinner by a few more hours and a few more and a few more. Each time you succeed in not smoking one cigarette, the overall amount of cigarettes you consume daily will lessen and your willpower will strengthen.

The more you do this, the more control you will have on your impulses, and the more self-confident you will become. This will show you the effectiveness of your willpower and the realization that you can direct your actions of smoking, rather than the other way around.

For your no smoking cause, simply choose a day where you will stop smoking. Check how many cigarettes you have left until that date and simply resist buying more cigarettes. Think about how much money you will save by not smoking, as well as the effects of smoking on your health.

Quitting smoking is the hardest during the first few weeks, as it will greatly test your willpower. The nicotine addiction will cause very strong cravings during this period of time and the sudden changes in your body will have difficulties adjusting to lower levels of dopamine and the sudden loss of smoking compounds.

Get stop smoking help by envisioning the long-term effects of smoking, such as diseased lungs and the difficulties in breathing you receive when walking long stretches. Try helping your willpower through this no smoking phase.

After that, the most difficult no smoking phase will start: sticking to no smoking for life. Willpower isn’t merely about deciding on an action, but pushing your life into the right direction.