Improve Your Health, Quit Smoking

March 8, 2009 by  
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Most people who consider quitting smoking think that it’s far too late to save themselves. This is far from true. In fact, the health benefits that come with smoking cessation are immediate and last a lifetime.

Within a mere hour of smoking cessation, the internal temperature of the hands and feet will increase, while the pulse and the blood pressure will decrease. Compounds that are created in the body from smoking make the blood vessels smaller and increase the heart rate. As nicotine addiction is flushed from the body, the body will return to its regular state.

Within a few hours of smoking cessation, the blood’s carbon monoxide levels will go back to normal. Since nicotine addiction comes with CO, it reduces the overall oxygen that the body receives. So, as the CO level goes down, the body will have more oxygen for its needed purposes: overall life sustenance.

Within a day of smoking cessation, there will hardly be any more risks of heart attack. Within two days of smoking cessation, the body’s nerve endings will undergo alterations. The stimulation that was put in by nicotine addiction will suddenly lower and the body will start to regain normal sensations. Additionally, regular senses of smell and taste will return, as well. After you quit smoking, food will usually taste much better and scents will smell much better.

Within a few weeks of smoking cessation, the nicotine addiction will be down to a minimum, if still existent at all. The body’s circulatory system will slowly go back to normal. Exercising will no longer leave the person with shortness of breath that used to come with smoking. Within a couple of months of smoking cessation, exercising will completely cease to be a problem.

Within a few more months of smoking cessation, the sinus congestion that smoking usually comes with will hardly be existent. The tiredness that used to come with smoking will lower, as the level of energy increases. By this time, all of the bodily systems are slowly going back to its pinnacle.
If you keep up with the no smoking program, you will no longer have to worry about strokes. Did you know that the risk of a stroke is actually 50% more than that of a person who does not smoke? Within a decade of smoking cessation, the body will completely return to the state of a person who has never had a nicotine addiction.

All the major risks of disease that used to come with nicotine addiction will practically fall away once you completely stop smoking. Quitting smoking is totally possible; just give it a few years. Giving up smoking is a great commitment to ensure a long term of health. Don’t let the odds bother you. Quit today.