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Only six percent of people who try to quit smoking actually succeed the first time around. Nowadays, there are a lot of products available in the market that help to stop smoking. They serve as great stop smoking aid for those dedicated to the no smoking cause.

The nicotine patch slowly releases the nicotine addiction in the body by slowly releasing nicotine through the skin and into the bloodstream. This stop smoking aid can be easily attached anywhere on the body and simply needs to be replaced every 24 hours. Since it can easily irritate the skin, it is ideal to change its location every few weeks.

Nicotine gum is also available without the need for a prescription. However, there is an art as to how it should be chewed, and it must be chewed very carefully, in order for it to help to stop smoking. The gum must massage the teeth at one spot only until a peppery taste appears. Then it should be held between the cheek and gum until this taste disappears. The cycle should be repeated every 30 minutes until the gum is used up.

Lozenges work in the same way for smoking cessation. Lozenges provide a quick reaction in quitting smoking and those who use it have control over how many to take. Lozenges come in the form of tablets and can be taken more than once a day. However, they, too, fatigue the jaw because of the special technique required by this stop smoking aid. If accidentally swallowed, they will cause nausea.

Inhalers are the most preferred form of stop smoking aid for those who are trying to quit smoking. The dosage is easy to control and the side effects are similar to those of smoking. Plus, inhalers keep the hand busy by mimicking the act of smoking. However, these should not be used for those who have asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) since they can easily overdose.

Nasal sprays are a similar stop smoking aid. They help with nicotine addiction by supplying the blood with an adequate amount of nicotine. However, they may cause sinus irritation.

All of these stop smoking aids are ways to quit smoking. They help ease nicotine addiction by continually supplying the user with nicotine without the act of smoking, which is a useful stop smoking aid. There are ways to quit smoking that don’t involve nicotine, though.

Sometimes, anti-depressants are a useful help to stop smoking, although how this works has not been researched yet. Zyban is one effective stop smoking aid. However, it is not recommended to use anti-depressants for a long period of time and is required to consult a physician before opting for this method.

Chantix is another prescription medication that is known to be used in help to stop smoking. Chantix is a non-addicting pill that contains no nicotine. They help cure nicotine addiction by stopping the nicotine receptors in the brain from releasing dopamine. This makes smoking practically useless for its ‘high’. Chantix comes in the form of pills and it is required to consult a physician before opting for this method.

All these stop smoking aids are ways to quit smoking. However, they each require a real dedication in the long-term goal of quitting smoking permanently. Meet that goal.