Home Remedies for Heartburn

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Buckled and doubled over with pain and burning sensation in the chest, bitter feeling in the mouth, driving to the doctor or the pharmacy is the last thing you wish to or could do. You have gone through these episodes of heartburn before. You know by now that one trip to the doctor and the pharmacy is just a precursor to another a few days ahead. Under the circumstances the best bet would be to totter around your house and see if you could fix up any of these below given tricks of home remedies for heartburn.

Heartburn finally boils down to be the after effects of acid production in the stomach. A simple home remedy for heartburn is to stock and take medication to reduce acid production.

A simple case of one-off heartburn case can be treated with a single dose of antacid every six hours. Too many antacids and you will end up in the loo. Beware.

Those of us, who are frequently visited by heartburn, especially at night, could do well, increasing the level of cot at head-side. The gravitational pull will contain the collection of acids in the stomach from rising up. This is a very reliable home remedy for heartburn. This wouldn’t work with a waterbed as the waters will bunch up at the lower end.

An easy to follow home remedy for heartburn is to take meals a good couple of hours before bed time and to avoid snacking just before hopping into bed. The idea is to avoid going to bed on a full stomach but when the food has travelled further from the stomach in its digestion journey. Also never take mint the last thing in the day.

A generalised home remedy for heartburn to be followed is to eat less at a time to keep the bulk low and to chew food well and make it less bulky.

Obesity is another cause for heartburn. The bulk of muscles along the mid-riff are sure to press against the stomach. Hence cutting down on fat could be jotted down as another home remedy for heartburn to be followed rigorously.

Smoking leads to sagging of muscles and weakening of the lining of stomach, which lead to heartburn. Hence smoking should be curtailed. Alcohol produces the same effects as smoking. So alcoholism should also be brought under check. Caffeine is another product close on the heels producing the effects as smoking and alcohol consumption. This should be consumed in measured quantities if not avoided.

Consumption of soda at measured quantities brings relief in heartburn. But the same if taken out of proportions will cause heartburn out of proportion.

The pregnant suffering from heartburn would do well to consult the doctor to provide a remedy to suit their specific conditions.

Sometimes some medicines especially painkillers are known to bring about heartburn like symptoms as a side effect of the painkiller medication. The physician should be consulted and counter medication decided upon.

Simple and easy to follow hints seem to bring so much relief. Overturn your home, your home life, to accommodate home remedies for heartburn. Nudge out heartburn from your home.