Travel Insurance Health Problems: Your Medical Conditions and Your Travel Insurance

February 20, 2009 by  
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Just like any life insurance policies, your travel insurance company needs to be aware of your current health problems or medical conditions.

When you are aware of your present medical condition and your present medical needs, it is best to inform your travel insurance company. This is to make sure that you are still covered no matter what happens to you outside of the country even if it is a pre-existing condition. Although you might be obliged to pay more, at least you will be sure that you will have coverage if something happens while travelling and it also means that you will not run into a lot of travel insurance health problems. Here are some medical conditions that may have an effect to the type of travel insurance that you will be allowed to get.

For example, for those people with arthritis, the travel insurance companies know that you will likely need pain relievers of many sorts. Some insurance companies offer medical coverage to this type of medication while others do not. Some people with arthritis have walking sticks and other devices to aid their walking. If an accident of some sort happens while travelling and this device is damaged or destroyed, the insurance company will replaced this device, depending on your travel health coverage. It is therefore important that you understand what coverage the policy will provide you with, given any medical conditions you may have.

Diabetic clients are also considered to be sensitive clients by the travel insurance companies. This is because this medical condition has many medical complications which may lead to the need for a larger medical coverage. Considering the fact that diabetic clients may have other sensitive medical needs, it is natural for the travel insurance companies to ask more premium payments from these clients than those without diabetes. The severity of their condition might still allow travel insurance health problems to arise.

HIV/AIDS causes the victim to become more vulnerable to the simplest of the infectious diseases. However, clients with this type of condition can be sure that they will still be treated no differently than those clients with other diseases that require larger medical coverage. Also, different travel insurance companies may have totally different policies regarding this condition.

Clients who have suffered a stroke can face two scenarios regarding getting a travel insurance plan. One scenario is that they are likely to pay high premiums for their travel health insurance. Since suffering from a stroke once does not prevent you from having a stroke again, travel insurance companies consider recurrence and considers it to be one of the prime travel insurance health problems. This means a more sensitive status which generally leads to high premiums. Another scenario that they can face is having less chance of getting an insurance plan. None the less, it pays to tell your insurance company that you have suffered from a stroke so that they are aware of your health problems when providing you with a health insurance cover.

In order to make sure that you have a nice trip that does not end up costing you a lot more, it is important to look carefully into having a travel health insurance plan that suits your situation and needs.