Yoga Toes – Combat Foot Health Problems with Yoga Toes

February 20, 2009 by  
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A new product in the yoga vocabulary has just been conquering the present health care trend. Though it is a common knowledge that the yoga poses done on the magical yoga mat benefits the mind, body and spirit, as most believers attest to, little do people know how it looks deeply to relieving pains or problems on areas that are least expected to be taken care of – the foot. With the growing number of ailments related to the foot, the Yoga Toes was introduced.

One of the external body parts that yoga enthusiasts discovered to benefit from the practice is the foot. This fetish does not only trace back its nature from the natural yoga procedure but has been incorporated with modern innovation. Common conditions that yoga toes can remedy are calluses and bunions. These problems can be caused by repeated yoga poses and movements even if yoga mats are used since there is no footwear required in yoga, however, even regular shoes can also cause the same problem. That is why the benefits of the product is not solely for yoga fans but just for anybody who would want to give their feet some therapy.

The main function of the yoga toes is to stretch and keep the toes separate during spare time of the person. Experts testify that the stretching activity, similar to some of the yoga positions, give feet the relief from pain that commonly comes from wearing shoes for so many hours. After a day’s work and usual activities, the feet gets tired of wearing cramped, high-heeled or tight fitting footwear, of which women are four times affected than men. Aside from this, other causes of foot problems stem from standing most of the time, long day or night walks, long hours of dancing and sports which places a great stress over the lower extremities.

Medical experts still believe in the remedy that exercise can give to the feet. That is why wearing of yoga toes is as effective as doing a stretching exercise for your lower extremities. It is a natural and therapeutic way of healing pains that can also give you these benefits:

1. arch improvement
2. feet and ankle strengthening
3. leg muscle stretch
4. posture correction
5. stress relief
6. tendon extension
7. improvement of the blood circulation
8. helps ease out varicose veins, hammertoes and bunions
9. additional flexibility

Yoga toes have been in the market since the early 2000s but then yoga has not been so practiced that time and familiarity of products has not been known yet. To date, endorsements and continued innovation of yoga toes is on the rise. Different shapes, colors and designs are hitting the market and competing brands are up to serving the people the kind of fashionable yet health-giving type of product.

With the rising number of yoga classes, enthusiasts and yoga teacher training program, the knowledge about yoga and its health benefits are becoming more popular, the same way that the market introduces more equipment to accessorize the practices. Likewise, as yoga is highly believed to be beneficial, more people are trying out related products, such as the yoga mat, yoga DVD and now, the yoga toes.