Ways and Means of Mastering Pilates Exercises

May 18, 2009 by  
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Most disciplines can be mastered in different ways and Pilates exercise is no exception to the general rule. Pilates workout is an exercise regimen that has a lot to offer for muscle strengthening, body building, and curing back problems. But people’s requirements maybe different, and their aptitude for mastering techniques also may be different. Accordingly, Pilates exercises proffer a variety of ways in which people can learn and practice this fitness regimen.

Like most disciplines, direct training by an experienced pro in the field, is most ideal for learning Pilates exercises also. For getting corrected, and for clearing doubts, this face to face interaction with a trained Pilates fitness teacher is strongly recommended. A live instructor can always help a trainee with the correct posture and also about the way in which different Pilates equipments can be operated. There are books and DVDs detailing the Pilates method of exercises, but even with the long FAQ list they have, they are no substitute for a live teacher. However, those undergoing Pilates exercises program can use books or DVDs to supplement what they learn in the class and also ask their Pilates fitness teacher about anything contained in a DVD or a book that they couldn’t fully grasp.

Having said that, Pilates workout or not, everyone may not be besotted with the idea of doing acrobatics in public. For others, there may not be a Pilates power gym at a commutable distance. For such people, there are DVDs, web memberships, and books which detail and give step by step guidance on doing Pilates exercises, including the working of a Pilates mat.

Pilates studios are places where lessons are given in using Pilates mat and Pilates reformer. Inside these Pilates studios one can opt to get trained separately or in groups and get well acquainted with the variety of Pilates equipments these studios have. And for those who have commuting problems or do not prefer to let others know of their workout schedules, there are Pilates exercise instructors who can train them at their homes.

An alternative to this Pilates exercise instruction at home is what is known as ‘duet.’ Here, home training in Pilates exercises is given together to two people. Sometimes a Pilates studio itself would arrange a partner for a student for home tutoring. At other times, an individual might have to search and find one himself.

Whether you are undergoing a Pilates fitness program in a Pilates power gym, or a Pilates studio, it is ideal to have a couple of books and DVDs on the subject with you. It will help you to improve and increase on what you are learning in the class.