The Trim Body Bonus for Those Who Do Pilates Exercises

May 17, 2009 by  
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Pilates exercises are projected mainly as a program aimed at strengthening the back, and curing people who have back problems. Anyway, besides getting their core muscles and spinal cord back in shape, many of those who do Pilates exercises get a bonus of an hour glass figure as well. Whether a slim and trim figure is the ultimate goal or not of a Pilates training program, the fact remains that those who do Pilates exercises, do get gifted with a supple, shapely body as well.

There is precious little that a Pilates fitness training cannot accomplish. It repairs an injured back, pre-empts back from future injuries by strengthening it, and energizes a person in every way as to increase his very zest and appetite for life.

The exclusivity of the body movements is what differentiates Pilates exercises program from other regular fitness programs. And this is what gifts the Pilates practitioner with a freebie of a shapely body even if he has joined the program to repair his back. Under the Pilates exercises, even the simplest body movement is a combination of acts that gives it a perfection. This is so because the discipline of Pilates fitness follows as its foundation, what could be called an eight-fold path. These paths are correct breathing during the body movement, movement control, filling each movement with a flow, precision in body movement, concentration during movement, proper range and motion in movement, and body stability.

The preparation required for joining a Pilates training program is minimal. All one needs is a Pilates mat and clothes that are comfortably loose, but not baggy. The founder of the Pilates exercises program was himself a gymnast and a boxer, and he was only too conscious of the need for such fitness programs from which everyone can benefit, and which can be done in combination with other fitness regimens as well.

The type of exercises that constitute a Pilates training regimen, has the ability to lengthen the body. That is the main reason for it becoming a favourite of dancers in the beginning. The Pilates exercises that gift the program with the unique quality are ‘complex movement’, ‘variation of movement’, ‘the springs’ and ‘the scoop.’

‘The scoop’ is basically what the name implies. It involves pulling the naval area back into the spine, in the process lengthening and deepening the abdominal muscles. It is like emptying out the abdominal area so that your abdominals muscles shrink and the belly would appear flat. ‘The springs’ are a resistance exercise using any one of Pilates equipments. This too works towards making the muscles longer and sleeker. The ‘complex movement’ is for those who have mastered much of the beginners’ Pilates exercises. All these Pilates exercises are designed in such a way that several types of body muscles participate in an exercise by the time it is completed. And all Pilates exercises are designed to make the muscles long and lean. There are more than 500 exercises in a Pilates fitness program and instructors decide which of these should be done by each student and in which combinations they should be done. At any given time, no student of Pilates exercises is made to do more than 10 exercises. Proper doing of these is enough to give him all the health and rejuvenation he needs.