The Attractions of Pilates Fitness Regimen

May 16, 2009 by  
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There are lots of fitness programs around. Besides the common fitness programs like jogging, skipping, cycling, or swimming, there are many old-turned-new fitness and philosophical body building disciplines like yoga exercises. Each is good in its own way. Still, with all that, interest for Pilates exercises has never waned and more and more people seem to be interested in this unique fitness regimen. Books about Pilates exercises and Pilates DVDs sell well. And Pilates programs like Windsor Pilates, Malibu Pilates and Zone Pilates are being well received.

What is the secret behind this popularity of Pilates exercises? First possible reason is that it is as much therapeutic as it is a general fitness program. Many people have got interested in Pilates training for healing and rejuvenation from a sports related injury. Good spine strength and freedom from back problem is very important for a wide category of performers who include sportsmen, dancers, acrobats, circus performers, and athletes, besides for those in professions like army, fire fighting etc. Spine for these people has to be rigid and flexible at the same time. Pilates fitness programs manage this spine strength and flexibility exceptionally well, and so has been a great boon to all types of performers and professionals.

And if people in special professions need spine strength, common man needs it no less. Nobody is happy with a bad back that prevents him from doing a little gardening, or repairing the fencing. So Pilates exercises became equally popular with ordinary people as well, both as a weight loss and fitness regimen, as well as a healing system that cured back problems and assured that it will not recur, so long as they are ready to undergo Pilates training program.

The holistic approach to healing, to which Pilates training contributes, also appeals to many. The supposedly ‘physical’ exercises of the body to improve the strength of the core muscles, is not a simple route march. Body does these exercises under the command of the mind, and remains completely aligned with the mind during exercises. In short, a Pilates exercise is as much a mental act as it is a physical act. The theoretical instructions that emphasize the eight important principles of Pilates, is as important a part of Pilates training as its exercise regimen. It is this body-mind dovetailing that endows Pilates fitness regimen with an aura of perfection.

The eight principles underlying a Pilates fitness program are correct breathing during the physical act, movement control, filling each movement with a flow, precision in body movement, concentration during movement, complete focusing on the act, and body stability.

Yet others who got attracted to Pilates fitness training might have done so from the positive experiences of those who participated in the training. Body fitness is so enhanced by Pilates training that there is an increased energy and increased vitality in a person who has undergone the training. When he becomes fitter and fresher and more energetic, it improves his sex life also, both in its satisfaction and ability to prolong the act. And Pilates exercises program is such a unique fitness program that it can even prevent possible injuries during a little acrobatics during sex. It is indeed as good a carrot as can be dangled to attract a person to a Pilates fitness program.