Stott Pilates – How Good Is It?

February 20, 2009 by  
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Ever since the Pilates fitness system was introduced, a lot of variations and modifications from the original set of movements have been practiced all over the country today. There’s the Winsor Pilates, the Power Pilates, the Fletcher Pilates, and the Stott Pilates. But which one really works?

One of the most well-known and respected version of all is the Stott Pilates. This incorporates most of the modern exercise movements and techniques, with more focus on the spinal rehabilitation. This focus was introduced in the first level of their program, also known as the Stott Pilates: Be Kind to Your Spine edition, which is included in its comprehensive package. At last count, there are almost 60 titles in the Stott Pilates DVD and video collection.

Although some people found this approach to be ineffective, others still preferred this manner to be more efficient. The style of concentrating of one specific goal using a variety of techniques seems to be favored by some, especially those who are fed up by routine movements. With Stott Pilates approach, each individual may engage into different exercise techniques, which makes it more adaptable. One could either use the basic Stott Pilates Express mat for original Pilates movement, or experiment with a wide range of Stott Pilates equipment.

There’s the Stott Pilates ring or the Stott Pilates reformer, both of which are suitable for those who wanted to engage in both customary and modern Pilates exercises. And they also have this Stott Pilates foam roller, which is the main exercise tool used in their Stott Pilates: Foam Roller Challenge DVD edition.

However, in using an exercise program or method, taking note of its benefits is one of the most vital factors. You wouldn’t want to engage in some tedious technique if it won’t do your body and mind any good. And that is exactly where the Stott Pilates stands out. All their programs are packed with physical and health benefits.

Since the Stott Pilates was originally focused on the spinal area, their programs aim on improving the postural and back problems. They also work on increasing core strength, which is one of the basic principles of the original Pilates, also in enhancing fitness and ease of body movement and many more.
Aside from providing assistance for personal fitness and workout, Stott Pilates is also a good training ground since they also offer professional training and classes for anyone who wants to get a Stott Pilates certification or for those who want to be professional Pilates instructors.

Besides, with this system even those people who want to learn but don’t want to enroll to a Pilates studio can take advantage of the Stott Pilate Certification home study program and do the training home. And since the focus is on promoting contemporary techniques, they also offer trademark Pilates products for customers. They have their own Stott Pilates reformer for sale, complete with manuals and step-by-step instructions.

So with the range and diversity of exercise methods and fitness systems in the market and practiced by individuals today, choosing the right fitness technique to reach your goal will be a bit confusing. But when it comes to Pilates, the Stott Pilates slogan almost says it all – it is the source for everything Pilates.