Pilates exercises Help in Multiple Ways

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Word of mouth, and other audiovisual media, have done their share in popularizing Pilates exercises. Those who have used it, and have been satisfied with the results, have spread across the information about the result-oriented working of Pilates method of exercises and its therapeutic value in healing the body and the mind alike.

Pilates method of exercises has a holistic approach to healing. It treats the body as a unified whole and not as different body parts. Pilates exercises give a lot of importance to fluidity of movement, precision, controlling of body movements, and proper alignment of spine. It emphasizes on breathing deeply and also on concentration and focusing. If Pilates exercises are done regularly and also by understanding the basic principles of the Pilates method, it would invariably result in the spine getting properly aligned, and the body getting lengthened. The strength and flexibility of the muscles will also improve.

Joseph Pilates who founded the school of Pilates exercises, created the regimen after testing it out over a period of eight decades. He has consistently modified the 500 exercises that are part of Pilates exercises, based upon the perceived results of the exercises during lengthy periods. As a holistic regimen, the system of Pilates exercises has a philosophical dimension as well.

During Pilates workouts, students are trained to attempt a subtle unification of the body and the mind that would make the body movements fluid and would tone up the muscles. This integration would result in a perfect synthesis of all the body parts as well as proper alignment between the actions of the body and the mind.

When the body and the mind beats to the same rhythm, each will be able to correct the other, and thereby rectify all mental and bodily imbalances. Pilates exercises have postures and programs that aims at increasing concentration and thereby promoting the alliance of body and mind, or say, matter and spirit. During Pilates workouts, instructors show students how to manage the union by deep breathing, controlled body movements and proper focusing.

According to Pilates method of thinking, each movement of the body has a specific purpose behind it. Full results from Pilates exercises is possible only when the mind grasps this truth.

Pilates equipments are varied and could be Pilates reformer, Pilates mat, Pilates chair, Pilates ball, barrel, Thera Band, or a trapeze table called Pilates Cadillac. Certain Pilates exercises should be avoided by pregnant women, though some exercises do not pose any risk. Pilates exercise instructors can guide them on which are the safe ones and which are not.

How do Pilates exercises help?

Pilates exercises help by elongating the muscles, making the muscles flexible, improving concentration, energizing a person, and thereby totally rejuvenating him. Pilates exercises is some sort of a wakeup call, that would keep a person awake to himself.