Pilates Exercises for Solving Back Problems

May 14, 2009 by  
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Pilates exercises has been found to be very effective in curing bak problems and managing the pain caused by back pain. People use Pilates workout as a cure for back pain or as a preventive measure against back problems in the future as they get older. Back problems in an individual could result from consistent bad posture, muscle problems, insufficient core support, a weak pelvic region, or insufficient body awareness.

Pilates exercises offer remedial measures for all these problems. A Pilates exercises regimen can correct postures and structural imbalances. It can also strengthen muscles, make core support sufficient, strengthen the pelvic region, and rectify other structural problems.

A bad posture could result from sitting, standing, or lying incorrectly. When the pelvis is tilted or tucked in such a manner so that the pelvis has got tighter areas on one side, and looser areas on the other side, it is a bad posture. This would lead to pain in the entire back area across the spine from neck downwards. Pilates exercises regimen instructs the practitioners to be aware of these bad posture problems.

Pilates fitness regimen constantly emphasizes on the importance of core strength, which provides support for the spine and prevents back pain. Core strength improvement lies in the strengthening of the muscles of the back, buttocks, and the abdominal area. Together these muscles are known as 6-pack and gives strength to the back. These muscles have to be strong, in good working condition, flexible, and well aligned to prevent back problems. This is a primary aim of Pilates exercises.

Achieving muscle flexibility is an important aspect of Pilates exercises. When muscles are flexible, it will not be difficult for the spine to bend backward or forward or sideways as is required. As Pilates exercises are prophylactic as well as curative, there are Pilates exercises modified to suit the requirement of convalescents recouping from back problems. As per the theoretical perceptions of Pilates fitness regimen, all people will be able to develop strong and flexible muscles in due course by proper Pilates exercises.

However, people who have a chronic back condition, or suffer from consistent back pain, should consult a physician before starting Pilates exercises. Since a bad back could be due to various factors, a doctor has to first identify as to what has actually led to the back problem. Even for proper Pilates exercises to be prescribed for a back problem, the nature of the problem has to established correctly.

A Pilates fitness program has at its core, a philosophy of body awareness. This training of body awareness helps a practitioner of Pilates exercises to know how the body parts are getting aligned as he moves them and how it is helping him to correct his posture and solve the problem for ever. So the root cause of the problem has to be analyzed by the doctor first. And the patient can tell the doctor about the Pilates fitness program from which he hopes to benefit.