Losing Weight by Using Pilates Method

May 12, 2009 by  
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Dancers are the people who, from the very beginning, understood the effectiveness of Pilates exercises in streamlining the body, toning up the limbs, and increasing the fluidity of body movements. Perhaps because of the fact their art form itself was one that blended the mind and the body in a perfect way, they could easily grasp and follow Pilates training and use it to make the body fit, firm, and supple. The proper following of a regimen of Pilates training results in natural weight loss.

Pilates exercises would easily burn off calories, and this is the prime requirement for any weight loss program. Making lean muscles is also a part of a weight loss program, and Pilates training achieves this in the normal course of events. The effectiveness of a Pilates training may vary from person to person, but a certain level of trimming of the body happens in everyone.

There are no two opinions about the fact that a body that has shed flab looks far better than one which has got fat accumulated in all unwelcome places. Pilates training ensures that unwanted flab is shed. The resultant trimming of the body increases a person’s self confidence and sense of self worth. Pilates exercises also increase the energy level of a person and thereby makes him more active, further contributing to the burning off of calories. Some people have effectively combined regular calisthenics or jogging or cycling with Pilates workouts and achieved remarkable success in losing weight.

Pilates exercises put an average person’s life in some good routine and keeps boredom at arm’s length. Pilates training is a series of very interesting exercises that doing it can often become its own reward even when not done with any specific weight loss target. Grappling with the intricacies of Pilates circle, Pilates ring, and Pilates mat are all interesting activities on their own. Certain Pilates programs like Winsor Pilates are touted to be special body sculpting programs.

Pilates training can be combined with a balanced food intake to improve the effectiveness of a Pilates workout as weight loss agent. Above all, even where weight is not lost, Pilates training ensures that the body eventually gets a great shape.

Every weight loss formula is based on burning off calories, and Pilates exercises achieve this in one form or another. It is unsafe to lose weight by simply putting oneself on a starvation diet. A proper exercise regimen has to be part of any weight loss program and Pilates training is one of the best that can fit the bill.

Pilates method concentrates more on toning up muscles, correcting posture, and providing support to the back. It does achieve some weight loss benefits also in the process, but Pilates exercises is not something exclusively designed for weight loss. Those for whom weight loss is of prime importance, should ideally incorporate some aerobics, or jogging or swimming or cycling into a Pilates training schedule to ensure that he or she loses weight pretty fast.