Getting Acquainted With a Pilates Exercise Session

May 10, 2009 by  
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Your first time entry into a Pilates training class can be unnerving. This is a normal problems for beginners. Listed below are what you can expect from your first Pilates class or club.

A Pilates training class is generally held in a fitness center, a studio, or a community room. The room is sure to contain a variety of Pilates equipments like Pilates reformer and Pilates chair and Pilates mat. And more important than all these, there will be a Pilates exercises trainer, who will be a through professional, and would be very courteous and friendly. And there would be other students who may be beginners or may be in slightly advanced stages of Pilates training.

Those Pilates training students who prefer to bring their own Pilates mats are free to bring them. The mats are available in stores, and online, and are thicker than normal yoga mats. It is better for all students to carry a bottle of water also.

About clothing, decision about much of it can be left to the common sense domain. Pilates exercises involves a lot of stretching and bending and so clothes should be loose enough and stretchable enough to allow these movements. At the same time, loose do not mean baggy in this context, because your Pilates training instructor should be able to see your body enough to ensure that your muscles and bones are aligning up as they should. Shoes are of no importance since Pilates exercises are essentially done without wearing any footwear.

Buckles, belts, necklaces, brooches or fancy adornments of any sorts are not recommended at all to be worn during a Pilates exercises session. Things that dangle about should not be worn under any condition. Such things risk getting caught in any one of the Pilates equipments. Those with long hair should pin it up, again, to avoid it getting tangled or hooked with any protuberances in the Pilates machines. Heavy perfumes are also generally discouraged, since other student could be sensitive to it.

Pilates equipments may include Pilates chair, Pilates reformer, Pilates Cadillac, or bars or straps or pulleys, or any other Pilates apparatus. Or exercises may be done on a Pilates mat. All these Pilates fitness contraptions are adjustable, and the Pilates exercises instructor sees to it that the apparatus that each student uses is adjusted to his experience level and requirement level. Almost all students get easily adjusted to these equipments and sooner or later start enjoying these Pilates exercise sessions.

However, the best idea is to attend a couple of Pilates exercises sessions before opting to join one. All the paper knowledge would never equal the actual witnessing of a session. By going there in person you can test the whole ambience, timings, and can also personally enquire about the effectiveness of the program from those who have been doing Pilates exercises for quite some time.