Pilates for the Beginner – What Is It and How It Works

Pilates a form of fitness system formed and developed by Joseph Pilates himself. Its principles are based primarily on the goal of achieving a well-balanced development of the body. The entire system focuses on the mind’s capacity to control and manage every muscle of the body, for a healthier physical and mental condition. However, how does it work?

Like any other existing system, the principles of the Pilates fitness system were established and have evolved over a long period of time. In fact, it took some years of research, observation, and continuous practice to develop and confirm each principle behind the system.

But what separates Pilates from other methods of exercise that are practiced today? Even though there are a lot of routine physical exercise systems that are carried out today, Pilates is still one of the most favored exercise methods in the country. Some people enroll at a Pilates studio, while others prefer to do the exercises at the comforts of their homes with some help from instructional home videos, like the famous Winsor Pilates videos. The main reason for this is because the Pilates exercises stand out where it counts, adaptability and modification. It works so good for a wide range of individuals. Young, seniors, people who have active lifestyles, and even women who just recovered from pregnancy. Basically anyone can do it, anytime and anywhere.

Also, another essential element to Pilates popularity and success is its flexibility for modification and variation. Every individual has the option and the power to modify or alter some of the workout steps to make them more or less difficult, or match them up with one’s physical strength or capacity.

The Pilates principles are vital elements for one to achieve a high quality Pilates workout. One of these principles is centering. He believes that functionality of the extremities depends on the strength and energy that is harvested from the center of the body (i.e. the turso, the abdomen). So certain exercises are focused to build a stronger center.

There’s also the concentration and precision. Every movement in this exercise system should be done with full attention throughout the exercise period to maintain the proper flow. This may be difficult for anyone if they lack control so, total concentration is advised which will only be possible through proper breathing. And this is where Pilates machines comes in.

There is the Malibu Pilates chair, which is the basic equipment used by the Malibu Pilates program. This program is one of its few that focus mostly on the centering principle. Other equipments, like the Pilates ring, are also available to promote the other principles of the system like breathing and control. Then there’s also the famous Pilates power gym, which is more like a modified version and commercial brand of the basic Pilates reformer.

Basically, there are still a lot of things to discover about the Pilates workout and fitness system. People just have to understand the principles behind the exercises to be able to thoroughly and effectively practice the method. Also, it is best to first set the goals for yourself. Because we’ll never know, this system may just be what’s perfect for you.