The 24 Hour Fitness for All

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24 Hour fitness center is an all-in-one total solution for all your fitness requirements.

The center caters to all you fitness needs like beauty fitness, physical fitness, or muscle fitness. And the fitness training is done in different ways to suit customer preferences.

24 Hour fitness center has branches all across the state and all branches are equipped with an array of fitness equipments for weight training and cardiovascular exercises. A wide range of fitness gear is also available at every 24 Hour fitness center. Besides that, this fitness center has provisions for lockers and also for baby sitting. In short, 24 Hour fitness is a one stop solution for all your fitness dreams.

Be part of a 24 Hour fitness center

24 Hour fitness center has more than 300 clubs nationwide. It is open throughout the day and night, just as its name says. At 24 Hour fitness center, there are different membership packages that you can opt for, as it gives options for different combinations of monthly or annual payment systems and discounts. Based upon your requirement, there will be a complete fitness training, or exercise fitness, or diet fitness, or whichever you choose.

Choice of clubs

24 Hour fitness center has different types of clubs equipped for different types of fitness training. The first level club, the active club, has the options for weight training, or group exercise, or working at cardio machines for cardio flexibility. The next level, the sports club, will have the same array of equipments, but will also have facilities for basketball, whirlpool, and heated pools. And a super-sport club goes one step higher with a steam room, massages, and sauna, in addition to what a sports club contains. The ultra sport club is at the top of the ladder with the addition of courts for racquetball, a day spa, and locker facilities in addition to what a super-sport club has.

The way to performance

24 Hour fitness centers have a special fitness program based upon how a person wants to better his performance. People, who want to enhance their performance in a particular sport, or want to train themselves for a competition, can make use of it. The program includes a diet that is planned to suit that requirement, a resistant training, and also a cardio workout. After the session, the metabolic rate of the person will be tested.

The program is meant for those who want to get on the playing turf fast but have no idea how to go about it. It is ideal for starters because it is a comprehensive package with details on nutrition, as well as resistance training. The results from this are bound to last long.

The fitness components

24 Hour fitness center is not based just on workout sessions. The goal of this fitness center is overall fitness training. It takes care of every aspect of fitness including the diet, emphasizing on what to eat, what not to eat, what to eat less, and what to eat more.

The diet of the club members is monitored to decide whether they are receiving enough of vitamins, iron, and calcium, or whether nutritional supplements are necessary. Added to that are the cardio workouts, and resistance training, to make the fitness training complete.