Fitness Boot Camps–A Great Teambuilding Activity

March 11, 2009 by  
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A fitness boot camp is an outdoor physical training program managed by gym trainers and former military personnel. It promotes weight loss through team effort. The training in a fitness boot camp often includes cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, running, interval training, or obstacle course challenges. Some strength elements such as dumbbells and weights are also used to increase one’s strength and cardiovascular potency.

Military style of training is often the basis for fitness boot camps. Thus, discipline is one of the main keys that the trainers incorporate. Aside from the physical exercises, boot camp trainers discipline their members to eat healthy foods and encourage them to change their lifestyle by eating fewer calories even after the completion of the training program. They help the members change their eating behaviors so they will not crave in-between meals and high-calorie foods. Because of the trainers overwhelming discipline and training, boot camp members usually lose one to two pounds every week. So, fitness boot camps provide ultimate results in weight loss.

Fitness boot camps are gaining vast popularity these days. This is due to the fact that aside from the health benefits one may achieve, joining this kind of fitness program is indeed a great experience. Fitness boot camps promote weight loss through team effort and camaraderie. One will be more motivated in pursuing the program since social interaction is actively present. It is one way to make friends with people of the same goal.

Through social support, the people joining fitness boot camps will encourage each other and push themselves further than expected. Those who are not athletically inclined will want to do better just by seeing those who are actively athletic. In addition to this, fitness boot camps also provide a scenic and different environment since it is held outdoors. Those taking part of the program will not easily get bored as compared to exercising in a gym or at home. In short, taking part in a fitness boot camp will not only help one lose weight and become physically fit, but also widens one’s social circle too.

Fitness boot camps are also very beneficial to companies and corporations. This kind of training program is a good concept for employee team buildings and corporate wellness. Since fitness boot camps promote camaraderie, it provides a great opportunity for coworkers to bond and even settle conflicts among fellow employees. Attending fitness boot camps is also a great way for employees to unwind and give their brains a rest from the stress of work. Having employees attend fitness boot camps will also reflect increased productivity with employees’ work and overall improvement of worker’s health. If employees are healthy and happy, they will have less sick leaves and will be more motivated to do well at work.

Having a fitness program for employees, like the boot camp, will also lower the cost of health insurance provided by the employers. Since the employees will lose weight and eventually become healthier, there would be fewer health care claims. Through fitness boot camps, employers can help their employees establish a healthier lifestyle and at the same time reap the tangible benefits associated with corporate wellness programs.