Wii Fit: The New Way to Get Fit

March 11, 2009 by  
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The advent of home entertainment which includes home videos and video games has been partly blamed for the rising inactivity and obesity among people in the US. Having good fun at home discourages people from engaging in actual physical activities like strolling and playing outside of the house. Technology really has its banes. Nintendo’s Wii, however, can be placed in a category apart from these technological culprits. It introduces a new way of gaming that will certainly gain acceptance among health buffs. It is called Wii Fit. It is actually part game, part exercise. It’s just like any outdoor sport except for the fact that you can do it in the comforts of your home and at your own time. Nintendo has released another great development for its already awesome line-up of innovations.

The Wii Fit hardware centers on the Wii fitness board. It is a smart piece of gadget that does not only read your weight but also your movements and reactions. These are then recreated in the screen as you play. The board is really sensitive and it can track even the slightest movements you make. This achieves the fact that every effort and reflex you make is translated to the screen, making it truly realistic. Aside from programs that can track body statistics, Wii Fit also comes with training exercises that can help you improve your fitness and balance. These exercises are programmed to give you the best results in the shortest possible time.

There are already quite a number of separate Wii fitness games like Jillian Michael’s Fitness and My Fitness Coach. In the midst of these games, Wii Fit stands out not only because of its state of the art technology but also because of the way it presents some of the routines it offers. Some exercises like walking on the tightrope and snowboarding are actually simulation games. These games primarily develop balance and coordination and are really fun to play. Wii fit also enables you to track your progress. This keeps you posted on your current fitness status and helps you to adjust on what needs to be done.

Nintendo’s Wii Fit, however, must not be taken as a substitute for real piece of hard work. Varied and fun to do as it may be, it still lacks some of the actual impact from the demanding tasks that real physical activities can offer. After all, it is still a video game, not a set of gym equipment. For all the activities that Wii Fit may be lacking, it is still engaging and is really good for beginners who want to eventually go for real workouts. It’s simple and less rigorous design for fitness is fit for all ages.

A popular adage is that technology can only solve the problem it creates. But with Wii Fit, one can see a higher form of entertainment – a responsible entertainment which can achieve wellbeing for its users. Where comfort and accessibility comes in clean and healthy package, Wii Fit is definitely one of the games that will keep you on your feet, literally.