Treadmills–Tips on How to Choose One

March 11, 2009 by  
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The treadmill is by far the most common and recognizable piece of exercise machine. It simulates the basic human modes of locomotion – walking and running. This makes it real easy to use. One could just hop on a treadmill and work it out. It gives a good cardio-vascular work out and is obviously a good weight loss exercise.

Treadmills provide a convenient exercise that can be done at home, away from weather and other hazards. One can even enjoy their favorite TV show while exercising. This combination of an engaging workout at the convenience of home is what drives people to purchase one.

Treadmills however, are not cheap investments. Brand new treadmills can go from $400 to $6000. The more expensive the equipment, the more the features you can expect from it. But being expensive does not necessarily mean it is better that the inexpensive ones. Cheap treadmills can already offer the basic workout that everyone is after.

The more expensive brands offer more ergonomic designs and hi-tech gadgetry. This drives the prices high. Some people, though, buy and pay for features they don’t really use. So a wise way to go is to know what what you need before going out and buying a machine, lest you get an expensive one of which only half of the features you’ll use.

Check your local discount stores for cheap treadmills and secondhand treadmills. Just look out for any defects which may deem it unusable. Even gym equipment stores offer treadmills on sale which can be a good way for you to score some discount treadmills in excellent condition. If you decide to go for brand new, the best way to start is search online for treadmills reviews. This will help you look for a treadmill that has certain features and characteristics that will fit your need.

Price is definitely a factor. Going for a price range of about $400, the best choice you’ll have is the Weslo Treadmill Cadence C44. It already has an LCD Display and an adjustable incline. It also has the trademarked EKG Heart Monitor which can be helpful when monitoring cardio performance. For the mid-price range, Sole treadmills like F63 which go for $1000 and F80 which is available at $15000, are favorites. Quality Proform treadmills are also available at this price range. For the really expensive treadmills with all the cool gadgets, go for the Landice treadmill line.

The first choice is really dependent on whether one would go for a manual treadmill or a motorized treadmill. Manual treadmills are harder to operate on lower inclines but are rather inexpensive. If you go for motorized treadmills, choose the one with a decent continuous power rating of about 2 HP. Ignore all the other power ratings. DC motors are quieter compared to their AC counterparts so opt for DC when you want a noiseless workout.

Remember to choose a treadmill of sturdy built. Expensive ones are definitely sturdy. For cheaper ones, choose those that are made of steel as they are constructed reliably. Also make sure that the treadmill can fit in the space you have allotted for it. Working out in a cramped space isn’t really conducive for exercising. The best way to choose treadmills is to try them and see which one will feel comfortable and steady. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time on it so be sure that it will be an easy ride.