Fitness Equipment–How to Find Top Quality Treadmills

March 11, 2009 by  
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Choosing a piece of fitness equipment requires you to consider many things. But if you want to buy fitness equipment in the form of a treadmill, here are several features for you to look out for.

The most important factor when it comes to buying fitness equipment is checking out its safety. In the case of a treadmill, this comes mainly from its reliability and sturdiness. Opt for a treadmill made of solid steel alloy frame rather than an average aluminum one; it will last much longer. Also pay close attention to the fitness machine’s hand rails. They should be as solid as rock and remain that way for years to come.

Cost is always an important factor, as well, most of all if you are on a budget when buying fitness equipment. A top quality treadmill could cost thousands of dollars; but, in turn, they come with a wide variety of extra features that make the fitness machine easier to use. One major piece of the fitness equipment to look out for is whether it has a motor and how the quality of that motor is.

Manual treadmills may not be a good idea to purchase since this will entail making you move the roller from a standstill to a ‘walk’ or ‘run’ while in use. This could take up a lot of your energy and is simply not a necessity or a good idea to use in that initial stage. Choose a treadmill with a motor. A motorized treadmill will gradually run to the speed that you wish during your physical fitness workout. However, bear in mind that a quality motor that is reliable, quiet and long-lasting could add up to twenty percent of the fitness machine’s total cost.

Other parts of the treadmill should also be of high quality. Since the belt and rollers will be used a lot over the fitness machine’s lifetime, they should always look and act the same way, from the day you buy it. It is normal, however, to start feeling some slight wear on the belt from your shoes as time goes on. If the belt starts to ripple or produce uneven movement a mere six months after buying the fitness equipment, then that is clearly not a high quality fitness machine.

Also, the entirety of the fitness machine itself should function in a quiet manner and should stay that way for many years. Not only is unnecessary noise an annoyance and an interference with your music or television, but this usually means that your fitness machine is likely to be unstable. Top quality parts of any fitness equipment should produce a quiet and reliable ride for a very long time.

The important things aside, there may be several other attributes that you may consider when buying fitness equipment. For example, you may want a folding treadmill for your convenience. If so, try folding and unfolding them first. Doing this should be relatively easy and its hinges should be sturdy. Keep in mind, however, that even though the treadmill is foldable, this doesn’t mean that it weighs less or is portable. It merely folds to save up your floor space when the fitness machine is not in use. Adjustable inclines can also be very handy since it will give you a different kind of physical fitness workout along with the fitness machine.

Other nice features to have include multiple controls. Various pre-sets, such as an accurate heart monitor, programmable variations, a bottle holder, and a magazine rack are great ways to get the most out of your fitness equipment purchase. Make sure you understand what a top quality treadmill entails before you buy your fitness equipment, in order to get the perfect fitness machine that meets your personal standards.