Tips for Buying Your Home Fitness Equipments

July 3, 2009 by  
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Modern man’s sedentary lifestyle and eating patterns are making it imperative to follow a strict fitness-oriented life or risk getting sick or becoming overweight.

Walking, jogging, jumping, or push-ups are enough good exercise for anyone who wants to stick to a fitness regimen. Outdoor activities may not be everybody’s cup of tea, and others may have time constraints, and yet others may be besotted by the wide array of fitness equipments that shops and fitness gyms display these days.

If you are considering buying some exercise equipments to use at home, here are a few things that you should consider.

Take the ads with a pinch of salt

Ads of many exercise equipments may claim that you may lose a pound a day by using their exercise bike or home exercise equipment. Or they may say that the jeans that you are wearing now will be one size large for you in a week’s time if you use some exercise machines. These are exaggerated claims and marketing hype.

Don’t believe the myth of any localized fat burning

Some exercise equipment manufacturers claim that their exercise machines can easily burn off fat in certain areas of the body where fat tends to accumulate fast. Exercise affects the body on the whole and for fat burning this has to be accompanied by opting for a low fat diet as well.

Understand that image manipulation is possible

Every weight loss ad and fitness equipment ad carries with it the picture of a human being in two different forms – one with a shapely figure and the other like a beached whale. Don’t fall for the charms of an exercise machine based on those photographs. The people in those adverts or pictures have been training for a long time, and it has probably taken then quite some time to achieve the perfect looking bodies that they have. In addition, there are enough image manipulations techniques around these days and the photographs could have just been taken from could even be a gap of eight years between the two photographs. Individual results always vary – so keep in mind the fact that the results you will achieve will be unique to you, and will also depend on the level of hard work you put into your exercises.

Don’t neglect the fine print

The glossy picture of a fitness equipment can be enticing enough. But most ads come with disclaimers that ‘everyone need not get the same results.’ Or if there is a price discount for an exercise bike they might have added that ‘conditions apply.’ All these might be written in print small enough that you could easily overlook it, but then never overlook it.

Don’t fall for the installment trap

Many fitness equipment manufacturers dangle the carrots of letting you take home your exercise machine and allowing you to pay in easy installments. But there could be hidden costs like shipping fees, sales tax, or setting up charges. Enquire about all that before deciding to buy.

Money back guarantee trap

Another lure that exercise equipment makers might hold out is a one-month money back guarantee offer for an exercise bike if you aree not satisfied with. The offer may look good on the face of it, but again, there may be hidden costs like a return shipping charge etc. which might make the offer counterproductive.

Make use of customer service

All standard companies that manufacture fitness equipment have toll-free customer service hotlines. Make use of it to the fullest so that you know best how to use and maintain your exercise machine to ensure optimum performance.