How to Stay Fit and Healthy

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Walking, jogging, sports, athletics, or workout at any fitness gym, can pave the way to health and fitness. Different methods work for different people.

People opt for a health and fitness regimen for any of the three following reasons:

Overweight people have the most obvious reason to have daily workouts at a fitness gym, along with managing a low calorie food intake, to shed their extra pounds.

Underweight people can also afford to have workouts at fitness gyms to gain a few pounds. For best results, they must back up the workouts with an extra calorie diet.

The third group may want fitness for fitness’s sake and may love to do exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises and weight training are an ideal fitness regimen for people of all groups. These are most ideal for increasing the ratio between fat and muscle. That will increase metabolism leading to losing or gaining weight.

However good a fitness regimen might be, a doctor should be consulted before starting any form of exercises. There are always differences in individual suitability to various exercises.

Benefits of exercises:

1. Exercise is one of the most foolproof ways for maintaining health and fitness.

2. Researches have conclusively proven the benefits of exercise on not just physical fitness, but on mental fitness as well due to increased self esteem and raised energy level.

3. The active lifestyle, which exercises promote, help in longevity.

Those who are doing exercise or having a workout schedule for the first time, should start with just 15 to 20 minutes of either and gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercises.

Regular workouts and exercises should be accompanied with a healthy diet as well.

There are nutrition experts and dieticians in every fitness gym today to give information on a good diet on the basis of the individual’s health background and the type of fitness he hopes for.

Quite often, a perfect fitness regimen can be maintained without the help of any fitness equipment or nutritional supplements. A proper diet and a few good exercises can easily do the job.

A fully balanced diet that is necessary for health and fitness should contain different types of food.

The first of the two essential foods are carbohydrates. Potatoes, rice and cereals contain plenty of carbohydrates. Fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet supply the fiber, vitamins, and minerals, because of the enzymes, phytochemicals, and micronutrients they have.

The next essential food is fat. Mono saturated fats and poly saturated fats are better than animal fats. Though fat is high in calories, small quantities of it is necessary for health and fitness.

Getting rid of addictions to tobacco or alcohol is also necessary both for physical fitness and mental fitness.

Remember that weight loss and fitness is a lifestyle choice – and you can get your ideal or perfect body by exercising, eating well, looking after your body and having a stress free life.