Fitness Equipment: Why You Need Pilates Fitness Equipment

March 3, 2009 by  
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Through the years, the word ‘pilates’ has lost its meaning and has turned into nothing but a sly marketing ruse. Having been added to the names of innumerable programs and exercises and having no official person to tell which the original one is, just about anything can be done with the word. But despite the crazy world that is ‘pilates’, there is still a core set in need of specific fitness equipment.

Maybe that piece of fitness equipment was called something else a few years ago. But whether that piece of fitness equipment was an exercise mat, a Swiss ball or a resistance ring, they all had physical fitness factors needed to complete any Pilates exercise known to man today.

A mat is usually the number one basic piece of fitness equipment that is needed when it comes to physical fitness workouts. However, those used during a pilates session varies a bit from those that you may use in yoga. Yoga mats are much lighter and are built differently in respect to their stresses. When buying this fitness equipment, make sure the pilates mat you pick is quite thick yet very comfortable. These types of mats will offer its users a surface and cushion that could last a very long time.

It is also important that you cannot feel the floor when you are lying on your spine on a pilates mat. Pilates mats must be well-padded fitness equipment that can be used for years. As for the size that you should select when you buy this fitness equipment, just make sure that it is a bit wider than your body size and about a foot longer. For a matter of convenience, choose a type that can be easily rolled up and comes with carrying straps.

An exercise ball, known to some as a medicine ball, is a piece of fitness equipment that is simply a large, round rubber ball. Again, those used during a pilates session varies a bit. While exercise balls are made to toss and roll, the goal of a pilates ball is to roll you as you lie down to perform physical fitness exercises. Pilates balls provide cushion and are made of fabric that will also last for years.

Pilates balls are also made to combine with other fitness equipment needed in completing pilates exercises. Bungee-cord style resistance bands, for example, are wrapped around the pilates ball, so the physical fitness exercise can be performed by grasping the handles. This would have been too complicated with a regular exercise ball since regular exercise balls have the tendency to lose control.

A pilates resistance ring, also called a magic ring, is a very unique piece of fitness equipment used in pilates programs. Again, those used during a pilates session varies from regular resistance bands in a number of ways.

Pilates resistance rings usually come with cushioned handles on opposite sides. This quality gives this piece of fitness equipment a wide opportunity to be used in various pilates hand and arm exercises to either stretch, compress, tone or strengthen, as your physical fitness workout requires.

As with many other physical fitness routines, it is entirely possible to complete certain pilates routines without any need for fitness equipment at all. However, if you are serious about your physical fitness and safety, health fitness and convenience, as well as getting the best physical fitness workout from each routine, then pilates fitness equipment are must-have items for you.