Fitness Equipment: Why Buy Stair Steppers and Climbers?

March 2, 2009 by  
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For those who want to take their cardio physical fitness workout to the topmost level, buy relevant fitness equipment, like a stair stepper. For those who want to specifically work on their calves and thighs or strengthen their back muscles, buy relevant fitness equipment, like a climber. For those who want to do all of the above, yet with convenience of easy storage, same answer.

Most of these fitness equipments come in the simplest form of foot-sized, easily movable platforms. But don’t let its looks deceive you. These pieces of fitness equipment offer great resistance as you press down with each step. Plus, it builds coordination and strength, even for seniors or those recovering from surgery, so it is a great choice for health fitness, as well. You may even choose to buy this fitness equipment in an adjustable form, so the resistance will increase as your level of physical fitness increases through time.

A lot of forms of this particular fitness equipment come with handles for added safety that will also target other muscle groups. Isometrics will help strengthen arm muscles, while strengthening your thighs and your calves at the same time. Those with movable handles provide a piece of fitness equipment similar to those of particular fitness machines, like an elliptical trainer, that can optimize your upper body physical fitness workout.

Fitness equipment like stair steppers and climbers provide much more than strength increase and a great cardio workout, though. Due to certain types of movements involved, you will be able to improve the health of your joints in half a dozen ways on a stepper, optimizing aspects of your health fitness, as well.

By simulating walking up the stairs, the muscles around your knees and your ankles are guaranteed to build up and your ligaments and tendons are sure to strengthen. This will ultimately increase your stability, which is very important for health fitness, regardless what age you are. Because of this, your bones will slide over one another, encouraging fluids to fill those areas. This will ultimately lead to greater flexibility and better joint health in the long run.

Experts have also concluded that these types of physical fitness exercises will help maintain and even boost bone density. As we get older, it is only natural for our bones to get thinner and more brittle. With the help of these fitness equipments, there is a high chance to avoid osteoporosis – another example of its health fitness benefits.

Physical and health fitness benefits aside, this type of fitness equipment is also easy on the wallet. If you want to buy fitness equipment in the form of a quality basic stair stepper, you can easily find one for less than a hundred dollars, a very reasonable price, considering the terrific benefits that come with it. Most in this range are called mini-steppers. There are, however, also stair steppers that cost as much as $2,500, but those are the ones that offer more value with their built-in physical equipment, such as heart rate monitors and adjustable resistance levels and more. These are only a necessity if you wish to build an incredible gym with a wide range of home exercise fitness equipment.

In conclusion, stair steppers and climbers are a great choice of fitness equipment for anyone, no matter what level of physical fitness they are in or any life circumstance. And because they are great to improve one’s health fitness by developing better posture, they will also heighten anyone’s self-confidence, producing overall a more attractive appearance. Enjoy its benefits yourself and buy this fitness equipment today.