Fitness Equipment: The Perks of an Aerobic Rider

March 1, 2009 by  
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If you bought an aerobic rider a few years ago, you are now most possibly living in regret. Not only were they expensive, but aerobic riders only had a very limited purpose and a small amount of benefits that came with their heavy price tags. However, if you are seeking those same benefits today, and seek to buy fitness equipment at a much more reasonable price, an aerobic rider would be the perfect fitness machine to buy.

Looks-wise, aerobic riders are the new and improved version of the rowing fitness machines. And although they do not offer as much movement or burn as much calories as other fitness machines, they will still be a welcome addition to your home exercise fitness equipment.

Contrary to former beliefs, aerobic riders actually offer their users a number of physical fitness benefits. They help strengthen one’s lung capacity and at the same time, provide astounding cardiovascular benefits. They also help strengthen hamstrings, deltoids, and certain back muscles.

If you prefer easy-to-use fitness equipment, then aerobic riders are the perfect choice for you. Although an aerobic rider may just simply move back and forth on a single plane, this movement actually helps greatly in making you more flexible as it stimulates lubrication. Thus, aerobic riders offer good physical fitness through aerobic exercise.

A very notable perk that comes with aerobic riders is the fact that they are perfect for those with limited space or those who like to workout outdoors. Other fitness machines tend to be too big to move and thus need to stay in one place. But aerobic riders are simply built for convenience, weighing much less than other fitness equipment and very easy to move around. Some aerobic riders can even be folded, so they can be tucked away into a closet or under the bed, not having to interfere with the rest of your home exercise fitness equipment.

However, if you are in need of a more strenuous workout or prefer moving around more, you should instead opt for other fitness equipment, such as rowing machines, treadmills or elliptical trainers. However, do keep in mind that these fitness machines are more expensive than the cost-effective aerobic riders of today.

If you are looking to buy fitness equipment, brand new aerobic riders can be found for less than $150 and a top notch brand costs $500 at most. Second-hand aerobic riders can be found for less than $50. Low-end treadmills, on the other hand, start at several hundred dollars, while elliptical trainers are at least $350 and may cost as much as a thousand dollars for top notch brands.

This comparison may not be fair, though, since a jump rope, for example, is also much cheaper than a treadmill. However, each piece of fitness equipment is different and come with varying features. However, since aerobic riders are very simple to use, they are also much less likely to get damaged or broken, saving you money for possible future fitness equipment repairs.

In general, you can expect to get good physical fitness benefits from an aerobic rider, mostly if you’re a first-timer. And if you pick out a sturdy model for a reasonably low price, then an aerobic rider would definitely become a great and welcome addition to your home exercise fitness equipment.