Save Money: Buy Separate Fitness Accessories

February 24, 2009 by  
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Like a lot of things in life, fitness equipment can function at a bare minimum. However, its full potential is only tapped when you buy regular fitness equipment, and then purchase certain fitness machine accessories as you go along.

Some fitness equipments already come with built-in accessories. Fitness machines, such as treadmills or elliptical trainers, for example, oftentimes come with all the things they may need to optimize your ultimate physical fitness workout. However, these highly developed types of fitness machines come with a hefty price tag. They are usually far more expensive than buying separate fitness accessories that have the potential of being better than those that are built-in.

One such example is a heart monitor. Fitness machines like treadmills readily come with a heart monitor, either built into its handles or as a separate chest strap connected to the central console of the fitness machine. However, when you buy fitness equipment with a built-in heart monitor, it could easily raise its price by a couple of hundred dollars. If you buy a heart monitor as a separate accessory for your fitness machines, however, all you will have to shell out is around a modest seventy bucks.

You may also buy fitness equipment that comes with a feature similar to a digital wristwatch. With built-in sensors on a strap or case, these types of fitness machines are a great choice to monitor your health fitness by conveniently measuring your pulse or heart rate as you go on with your physical fitness workout.

However, if you want a more accurate heart rate monitor, it is best to buy a separate one, most of all for fitness machines like treadmills or elliptical trainers. Heart rate monitors that you separately strap onto your chest can measure your pulse more accurately than those that are built-in. An extremely efficient heart rate monitor will also be able to tell you the time, as well as how long you have been doing your physical fitness workout. Some of them can even store multiple readings for you to look back on.

Another example of separate fitness equipment accessories is a body fat gauge. Although you can easily measure your weight on scales, they are only able to offer you an approximate number of body fat percentages with the use of the BMI formula. A BMI number may be essential to your health fitness, but the direct body fat percentage indicator is much more accurate.

Buy fitness equipment body fat gauges in the market; you will be surprised at the wide variety available on offer. Plus, they are easy to use. All you have to do is squeeze its calipers against a fold of your skin on your abdomen or upper arm and a small LCD display will show a figure that is easy to read. This gauge is adjustable according gender, age and other parameters, which will make the number much more accurate. They, too, can store multiple readings for you to look back on, which will help greatly if you ever decide to monitor your health fitness changes as you go on with your physical fitness workout.

Next time you plan to buy fitness equipment, think smart. Save money by purchasing regular fitness machines and choosing separate fitness accessories in the process of your physical fitness workout. Optimizing your workouts with fitness equipment accessories is definitely the way to go.