Rowing Machine: An Excellent Fitness Machine

February 27, 2009 by  
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Modern rowing machines hardly look like the rowing machines of yesteryear anymore. But, like the older fitness machines of the same name, a contemporary rowing machine provides the same full physical fitness workout.

A rowing machine is practically like a rowing boat, just not on water. You basically have to sit on a platform and pull backwards on something against resistance. Although it may sound simple, however, these fitness machines have various models to choose from.

Some rowing fitness machines look very similar to 19th century water rowboats with their long oars. Modernized versions of this fitness machine comes with shorter “oars”, but still look pretty much the same.

Even more modernized rowing machine designs completely get rid of the oars and replace them with arms that can be adjusted according to the resistance that your physical fitness upper body workout asks for. Some versions of this fitness machine simply have no arms at all. Instead, they may have ropes with handles, just so you have something to hold onto and to pull.

This fitness machine’s materials have also evolved throughout the years. Back in the day, rowing machines were made of elegant wood that could have stood its ground. But nowadays, this piece of fitness equipment is almost indestructible with their alloys of stainless steel. A good rowing machine’s ball-bearings and gears should easily last a lifetime. Plus, they should not be making any sounds at all.

One of the big factors that differentiate one rowing machine to another is their resistance methods, which could be piston, magnetic force, water inertia, or air resistance.

The piston resistance type is the least expensive version, and is usually not as smooth as ones with other resistance methods. Magnetic force resistance models are equipped with electromagnets that provide a greater counter force to your pull. They are far smoother than piston resistance types and are also very quiet. They may take up more space, but make up for it by being easily adjustable.

Air resistance rowing fitness machines are a bit noisier sometimes, but they react to the rate of pull and increase as you move faster. Water resistance rowing fitness machines also increase in speed as you pull faster. These types are adjustable like the magnetic force resistance models, but they, too, take up more space and tend to be much heavier.

Any model of this type of fitness machine, however, is sure to give you a good all-round physical fitness workout. Although it emphasizes on developing one’s upper body, a rowing machine actually develops everything. Even your glutes and your hamstrings will benefit from this physical fitness workout since you are also moving your seat back and forth, which also works the legs.

Because of all the resistance and movement entailed when using a rowing machine, this piece of fitness equipment is also great for a cardiovascular workout. Not only will your pulse rate quicken, but your body temperature will also rise slightly and more sweat will emanate from your body. All of these actions are great for your health fitness, since it will keep your heart, blood vessels and lungs in tip-top shape.

Rowing on a fitness machine is an awesome way to keep your entire body firm and keeping your body fat percentage to a minimum. Because of the all the physical effort involved, you are also given the opportunity to burn more calories with each physical fitness workout on this fitness machine. You will find that working out with this piece of fitness equipment will make you burn as many calories as a good long run or a long physical fitness workout on a spinning cycle.

Rowing fitness machines have clearly evolved throughout the years; now they are high-technology wonders that provide everyone an excellent physical fitness workout that achieves many basic fitness goals. Plus, if you buy this fitness equipment, you will spend much less than you would on a quality treadmill or elliptical trainer. What more could you ask for?