Extreme Fitness – The Basics

June 30, 2009 by  
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Athletes, acrobats, boxers, wrestlers, and sportsmen are often forced to have extreme fitness by the very nature of their professions. Then there could be others for whom extreme fitness is a passion. Or there may be those for whom fitness is a mania.

Whatever their reasons for aiming at extreme fitness, many people are under the wrong impression that for them to be able to engage in extreme fitness, they have to spend a lot of time in the fitness gym doing weight training every day.

Nothing can be more far from the true. Doing some regular full body workouts can make someone able to start doing some form of extreme fitness.

Given below are some details about full body workout, which can be useful for those looking forward to extreme fitness.

A complete body workout for extreme fitness is a perfect time saver formula. When you exercise your whole body, you can curtail the hours you have to be inside a fitness gym. Going there twice or thrice a week will suffice.

And with a full body workout, even inside the fitness gym, it might suffice for you to have a one hour workout session, rather than the two or three hours you might have otherwise been forced to spend there. The quality of exercise is so much better when you opt for this that the quantity of time you have to exercise becomes less.

Strengthening the cardiovascular system is very important for extreme fitness. A complete body workout is quite effective for this. While doing the one hour exercise, it is best to apportion three or four sets of exercise for each and every body part. This way the results would be fast and cardiovascular system would become very efficient.

Other rules regarding a complete body workout are as follows:

Restrict training sessions to once in two days or once in three days. And the spare days that one thus gets can be used for doing some cardio exercises. That would be better than doing cardio exercises towards the end of every workout session, since these exercises are generally not very useful for extreme fitness.

It is strongly recommended that one opts for heavy lifting. Lots of people are under the erroneous impression that heavy lifting is not necessary. They even opt to conserve energy by limiting heavy training so that they can save energy for other body exercises. But this is not the right option. Without heavy training, it is difficult to progress towards extreme fitness.

Exercise in such a way that there is one exercise for one muscle group. It is a regimen that one can easily follow. It is also best to have it that way because you do not have to do a different exercise for that particular body part.

Workouts should preferably be kept short. Resistance training has the tendency to affect body hormones that influence muscle building. The ideal scenario is to restrict the exercise to one hour.

If you follow this regimen, you can start to be involved in doing some extreme fitness.