Exercises Your Way to Fitness

June 28, 2009 by  
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Exercising on a regular basis is important if you want to remain fit throughout your life. Exercising is also an energy and mood booster.

Just half an hour of exercise a day is enough to make a person fitter, physically and mentally. Exercise increases your appetite and makes you better attuned to take up fresh challenges. And even a moderate exercise regimen can help you rest and sleep well.

Daily exercise makes a person more disciplined and organized. Also, those who have exercise fitness can combat depression easily. Beginners can start with just 15 minutes of exercise sessions every other day and then increase the duration.

Remember not to ever overstrain the body. If there is any ache or pain or sprain, you should temporarily suspend the exercise routine. Restart again only after the body gets back to shape. Given below are some suitable exercises for beginners.

1. Walking as an exercise is most ideal for beginners. It is like starting with alphabets in the kindergarten. You can walk alone, with your dog, or your spouse, or kids, or in short with whoever is willing to accompany you in this invigorating exercise. As a morning exercise it is ideal, but any time can be fine. Every bit of extra oxygen and sunlight that you will get on these walks will benefit you.
2. Yoga is the next best exercise routine. As a fitness regimen it has many advantages. You can even call it the brain fitness program, not just a body exercise, because of the way it rejuvenates the body and mind alike. You can start with just ten minutes of daily yoga exercise. In no time you will find that you are the owner of an incredibly supple body.
3. Engaging in sports is also one way of getting exercise fitness. There are sports like baseball, basketball, badminton, or many others to choose from, based upon a person’s interest. Daily playing of any of these is a good fitness regimen, and is one which even doctors prescribe as a therapy for physical fitness and mental fitness.
4. There could be group exercise programs in your locality in which you can join. If there are none, you can start an exercise program together with some friends or colleagues. Besides helping in exercise fitness, it will give you some organizational skill also on the side.
5. Every household chore is a wonderful exercise. Vacuuming, cleaning, gardening, washing the clothes or moving the lawn, is a good exercise for your muscles and give overall flexibility to the body. Lessen your dependence on household gadgets. That way you can burn out calories and save electricity.

With a routine exercise regimen, people can burn anything from 150 calories to 1000 calories a day. It is the most ideal fitness schedule and before you realize you will find that you have become fitter mentally and physically.