Apparel for All Your Fitness Needs

June 27, 2009 by  
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Fitness apparel can influence how you feel and look when exercising. It has to be elegant and comfortable like every other bit of fashion wear.

It has to suit your individual style but it should also be one that is suitable for that particular exercise or sports and approved for use in that particular fitness field. There are different apparel for different sports, for rafting and surfing and trekking, for riding a horse, or doing yoga, or doing any exercise.

1. Running Apparel and Fitness Apparel

The basic running apparel is generally shorts and tights with cotton socks. For the top, choose a base layer product since these are better at moisture management and keep a person dry for a longer period.

For aerobics or gymnastics, leotards and tights are ideal for these exercises. Choosing the correct size and selecting suitable material is important while selecting fitness apparel.

3. Apparel for Athletics

Season of the year and weather of the day often decide what type of athletic apparel you have to wear. So, athletic apparel should be chosen with these considerations in mind to ensure best performance. Since season and weather change pretty fast, you can ideally have two or more types of athletic apparel with you to wear on different days.

4. Apparel for Horse Riding

As different from other fitness apparel, in the case of riding apparel, the emphasis is on boots and breeches. The normal riding apparel is a plain shirt that matches well with the riding breeches, and paddock boots. There are stores that deal exclusively in apparel for horse riding and these have a good selection of riding pants and jerseys as well. Internet is awash these days with details of stores that have a wide variety of riding apparel to choose from. There are simple ones, classy ones, and elegant ones to suit you personality.

5. Apparel for Yoga

Movement comfort is the key factor in selecting yoga apparel. Yoga t-shirts should ideally be a little loose, since this fitness regimen includes a lot of arm and waist movements. There are stores that cater exclusively to yoga apparel needs, and these have ones suited for special asanas, unitards, and yoga Capri pants. There is even designer yoga apparel to suit individual tastes.