Weider Home Gym-An Alternative Solution

March 11, 2009 by  
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With all the manufacturers and companies out there trying to sell home gym equipments, it would be difficult for an average consumer or starter in the workout field to choose what specific brand to choose for his home gym equipment.

Home gym equipments save time for everyone looking out for a serious physical workout within the comfort of their very own homes. Maybe you’ve heard a lot of reviews of the more famous brands of home gym equipments, now you are going to look at one line up that’s been in the market for quite some time now. Get ready to take a look at another familiar brand in the market – the Weider Home Gym.

Weider equipments come from another well-known fitness company, ICON. The Weider home gym offers a lot of designs and options for their consumers and clients. Each model comes with different set of options and a variable array of settings which is perfect for every individual.

The first in its line up is the Weider Platinum Plus home gym. Costing nearly $1600, this Weider home gym runs on an amazing technology called Digitally Controlled Resistance or simply DCR. In stock, this home gym has a normal resistance of up to 240 lbs. However, this can be upgraded of up to 100 lbs more for a small upgrade fee, amounting to a total of 340 lbs of resistance. The technology used in this machine is quite convenient for the user since it is not reliant on weights for resistance, as what some brands are still promoting, like Marcy.

On the bad side though, this Weider home gym equipment sometimes run into mechanical problems with regards to the technology it uses. This is what most people have continually said about this product. It is a good thing, however, that Weider offers a 10-year limited warranty because it will come in very handy later on.

Another Weider home gym in the market today is the basic Weider Pro 4300 home gym. This specific product is an affordable alternative for those wanting to have a good physical workout with at a lower cost. Ultimately, it comes in a small size as compared to other home gym equipments – having dimensions of only 43” x 77” x 83”.

But unlike the platinum plus, this Weider home gym relies on the more basic weight stacking system. It has two 125lbs Durastack weight stacks and offers an astounding 195 pounds of resistance at optimum settings. It can run up to 30 kinds of exercises to suit up those muscle areas. However, the downside of this model is that it has a limited range of motion in relation to its compact size. Another bad thing of this Weider home gym is that assembly would take a whole lot of time.

Weider home gyms have a lot of products besides the ones mentioned above – Weider Max home gym, Weider 8630 home gym, Weider 245 home gym; definitely, a whole variety of choices. Overall, Weider home gym equipments may be a decent brand for those seeking physical fitness. However, for those wanting to have more advanced options, it might be wise to settle into the more popular brands such as Bowflex and BodySolid.