Marcy Home Gym-A Conventional Approach

March 11, 2009 by  
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Physical fitness and the goal of being healthy are in the minds of most people today. Being fit has its own advantages and is surely one thing that would prove to be very beneficial to everyone. In order to cater to these physical fitness needs, a lot of companies have invested their time in making home gym equipments which are perfect for those who don’t have the luxury of time in going to the local gym. Below is a review of one of the more popular brands in the home gym equipment markets – the Marcy Home Gym.

Like most brands, Marcy home gym equipment comes in different variations. A particular model’s attributes and additional options make it clearly unique from the others. Marcy home gym relies on weight stacks to carry out their exercise rounds.

Marcy classic home gym with 100lb. weight stack is the very basic in the line of Impex’s Marcy home gym equipment. This includes the Marcy MWM-1558 home gym model. It is very good for those who want to work out in the comfort of their own homes. This basic machine comes with durable 14-gauge steel tubing. These tubing constructions are finished with a two-tone painted powder coat. It is indeed stable with its solid steel protective shroud.

It also features a dual movement press arm which can change from press chest to the pectoral butterfly exercises. And you don’t even need to adjust just to shift to that one. Other features on this machine include an overhead and a lower pulley stations. The overhead is used for the upper physical exercises and the lower one for the lower body exercises.

Another product in the Marcy line up is the Marcy Smith 4000 home gym. This is an entry level home gym which tries to be an all-in-one solution for all your exercise needs. It features a 7 degree action and some self-spotting catches located on the front. This is also equipped with a bench that has a developer station. Other features of this Marcy home gym equipment include an “ultra guide” bushing, adjustable bar catches, basic safety stoppers, 6 Olympic plate storage pegs and many more. This machine is certainly good for starters. It doesn’t have advanced settings which is used by fitness enthusiasts but it serves quite well if you’re new to the scene.

Overall, the Marcy home gym equipments follow the conventional weight stack system. Unlike the more popular brands like Bowflex, this would rely more on the weights to achieve resistance. With this, it would make their home gym equipment much heavier and a lot difficult to move around your own home.

But aside from that, if you’re happy with a home gym that would stay on one part of your house permanently, then you won’t have any trouble with the Marcy home gym equipments. It’s stable but may lack the more comfort features that other brands may have. Nevertheless, it will still be worth it for the price and features that come with it.