Ideal Fitness Equipment for Home Gyms

March 9, 2009 by  
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If you enjoy going to the gym to work on your physical fitness and are a frequent visitor of one, you may have started thinking about getting your very own home exercise fitness equipment. Since buying fitness equipment may represent a substantial investment, you may want to plan this decision in stages by making only the wisest choices at every step. And we are here to help you.

The first fitness machine that may come to mind if you plan to buy fitness equipment would be a treadmill, and that is a superb choice. Treadmills provide great cardiovascular benefits. Plus, they strengthen and tone several essential muscle groups and are very quick at burning calories off of your body. However, since a treadmill is one of those fitness machines that cost a bundle, that may not be the ideal choice to start your collection of home exercise fitness equipment with.

A good fitness machine to start with would be an aerobic rider. Even though this fitness machine is not an absolute necessity for home exercise fitness equipment, it has its benefits, most of all for beginners, and you can buy this fitness equipment at most stores for less than $50.

If you plan on building a lot of muscle and improving your coordination and joint stability in the process, a good set of weights is a must-have piece of fitness equipment; and, if you are on a budget, you can buy fitness equipment in stages. Start small with a couple of neoprene dumbbell sets of different weights. Eventually, you can upgrade your set with interchangeable free weights, and even the types with interchangeable discs that can convert your fitness equipment into barbells.

If money is not an object, you can just go straight for a weight machine to start off your collection of home exercise fitness equipment, though this is only a good investment if you’ve actually used this at a public gym before. If you decide to buy this fitness equipment, make sure you get a weight machine with more than one station, so you won’t run out of variety right away.

A good weight machine costs a few hundred dollars, at least, though its price is probably closer to a thousand dollars. That’s quite a sum of money, but a good weight machine is a piece of fitness equipment that is definitely worth it and will keep you busy for a long time to come. With this piece of fitness equipment, you can build strength in each muscle group and if you buy good fitness equipment, you will have a wide variety to do a few ton of various exercises. Some weight machines even have rowing machine built into their unit.

Another favorite fitness machine to add to your home exercise fitness equipment is an elliptical trainer, although they are quite expensive, as well. Elliptical trainers provide a whole range of exercises and give excellent cardio benefits. They emphasize on leg development, but also focus on the entire upper body with their handles.

A fitness machine that is similar to elliptical trainers is Nordic ski machines. However, not a lot of people are interested in this fitness machine. But, if you are an avid fan of cross-country skiing, then this is the perfect piece of fitness equipment for you. Nordic ski machines have basically the same benefits as an elliptical trainer, but are less well-known.

The most important factor in decorating your own home exercise fitness equipment center should not be the amount of money you spend or what kind of fitness machines you purchase. The key factor is to get top quality fitness equipment that you will actually enjoy using. The most common reason people stop working out is because they lose motivation. Therefore, purchase only home exercise fitness equipment that you are absolutely sure you want and need to get the most value out of your bucks.