Bowflex Home Gym-A Versatile Choice

March 8, 2009 by  
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Promoting overall physical fitness and well-being is the goal of sweating ourselves through exercise and burning out of those excess calories. And while there are a lot of activities that we do in the gym to get that sturdy and healthy body that we like, it is still not enough since most of us, working professionals alike, have a very busy and tedious schedule. Though we can engage ourselves in workouts, sometimes having a tight schedule would impale our goals of physical fitness. This is why most modern individuals pretty much prefer the advantage of having their very own home gym equipments. One of the more common home gyms is the Bowflex home gym.

The Bowflex home gym has been one of the most popular choices for physical fitness workers and enthusiasts alike. It has gained its popularity with its tremendous line up of products, overly advertised with their own infomercials. Commercials aside, Bowflex home gym is certainly a good workout setup. It is well thought out with the principle of using power rods instead of the conventional weight stack. With this characteristic in hand, this makes bowflex home gym equipments much lighter compared to the conventional gym equipments. It folds out and is perfect for those who have little room for storage around the house.

It is also a good all-around workout equipment which tries to work on all the muscle groups. This is very beneficial for everyone who wants to have compatibility of every other exercise. It is safe to use and you definitely won’t need a spotter around while using the equipment. Bowflex home gym have a lot of products lined up which ranges from its top of the line Bowflex ultimate 2 home gym, Bowflex motivator 2 home gym, Bowflex revolution home gym to the more basic Bowflex blaze home gym and much more.

One of the slight downside of the Bowflex home gym is that it costs a bit higher than most home gyms. The Bowflex ultimate 2 home gym costs around $2000, without tax and shipping. But there are a lot of options and variations for different users which will come in at a lower price. Having a lower price usually has a limitation on resistance, power, and some other options which you will likely find in the ultimate class. The lowest basic option would probably cost around $700 but this only has a 210 lbs. resistance limit and the absence of the lat tower and the leg-curl attachment. Bowflex gym equipment is a worthwhile investment that will help you get fit and healthy for many years.

The Bowflex home gym is definitely one of the best gome gym equipments on the market today. It comes in a very versatile setup but provides a large amount of resistance, which is perfect for mobility in getting the right amount of muscle exercise. Options have a wide range and certainly have good to high settings. It comes in a wide range of motions which is a definite plus when it comes to exercise.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect exercise machine which uses those equivalents to the conventional weights plus versatility and mobility, then you’d likely want to consider the Bowflex home gym.