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Exercise Bikes–Physical Fitness without Exercise Bikes

Exercise has been one of the vital activities that keep us in top shape. This can either be through passive workout or through heavy and strenuous activity. The goal of which is to increase our heart rate and to promote strengthening of the muscles and proper circulation. And thus, these activities contribute greatly to our health and overall wellness. One way to help us in going through our physical fitness activities and exercise is through the aide of exercise equipments. One of the exercise equipments that has been very popular amongst enthusiasts are exercise bikes.

An exercise bike can be a home exercise equipment, yet it is fairly available in the gym. It can be used indoor in the gym, home, or office and is ultimately t he perfect replacement for a strenuous afternoon of biking under the sun. It is also a good exercise machine used for physical therapy. It is quite safe and attains the controlled cardiovascular effectiveness needed for the therapy. Experts have agreed that exercise bikes make you lose weight, stay in top form, and improve your endurance and fitness.

Over the past few years, exercise bikes have evolved into other forms which greatly help the exercise enthusiast attain more workout capabilities. Before, the most common was the upright positioned exercise bike. Now, there is a recumbent exercise bike which proves to be beneficial since it doesn’t cause you to sore your butt after a long time of exercise and workout.

Unlike its older brother, the recumbent exercise bike is designed to place the user in semi-reclining position with your legs placed anatomically in front of you. This makes the exercise for the said bike easier and more effective. Besides that, upright bikes do have one tremendous advantage over the recumbent ones. Since upright bikes work by the way of gravity, you can always do a move they call the “power pedal”, wherein the user stands up and pedals hard to achieve maximum pedaling and workout.

When considering an exercise bike, one of the most important things you have to consider is the durability and reliability of the said exercise equipment. Most of the low-end and cheaper versions of the exercise bike only rely on tension belts to provide resistance in your workout. Meanwhile, the mid-range and high quality bikes use magnetic resistance, making it better by providing appropriate lifetime quality. Another thing that makes this good is that it gives out a quieter and subtler sound unlike the ones using tension belts. One other characteristic that can certainly give the mid and high-range bikes an edge is that its settings can be controlled through push buttons. This gives the user total control without the hassles one would find in the cheaper tension belt ones.

So, if you’re planning to get an exercise bike, it might be a nice idea to give it a few extra bucks and push it towards the ones that use magnetic resistance. Exercise bikes really do well in giving you the physical workout you need and at the same time keeping your safety in check.

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