Use An Exercise Ball For A Great Abs And Back Workout

March 16, 2009 by  
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A hugely effective piece of exercise equipment is the exercise ball. It may look pretty innocent and playful, however it can help to give a fierce workout with great results for your abs, back and other central muscles.

You will find the exercise ball available in most gyms or you can purchase your own at a reasonable price. They can be deflated and easily stored away when not in use.

The exercise ball works on the principle of balance where your muscles are worked to maintain the balance, also known as stabilizing balls. This may sound quite simple in theory but do not underestimate it’s work-out potential.

You must select a ball that is appropriate for your height where you feet are flat on the ground and legs at a right angle when sitting upright on the ball. Not only does this heighten the effectiveness of your workout but also for health and safety reasons.

Because the exercise ball is quite a significant haul on the back muscles, it is essential to perform a short warm-up routine. This can be done using any of the standard form such as a few minutes on the exercise bike, or the treadmill. If you are not at the gym, a short walk or light jog is sufficient.

Following are 2 Stabilizing Exercises for your abs and back workout.

1) Exercise For Abs Workout – Seated

Sitting comfortably on the ball with feet flat to the floor. Keep your stomach in tight and body straight. Do each of the following exercises with a repetition of 10.

Lift your right heel with the toes firmly on the ground and then the same for the left.

Next lift the right foot completely off the floor, then, slowly lift the other foot in a style of slow motion marching.

Next, raise each arm one at a time.

To finish, alternate raising each arm with raising each opposite foot ,again, in a slow motion walking style.

2) Exercise For Abs Workout – Horizontal

Lie horizontal over the ball with your abdomen in the middle. Hands must be flat to the floor keeping them straight from the shoulder down. Do each of the following exercises with a repetition of 5

Use your hands to “walk” forward till the ball is situated beneath the thighs. Then, reverse the walk so you are back to the first position.

Repeat until the ball is at the thighs then remain in that position slowly raising your right arm then the left, one at a time. 5 repetitions then back to the first position.

Short rest

To finish, walk forward on your hands till the ball reaches the thighs, remain in that position, now do push-ups. Not too low on the first few, then back to the first position.

After the exercises it is important to do a few stretches to loosen the, by now, tight muscles of the abs and back.