Shoulder Exercise For Optimum Strength And Size

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The muscles of the shoulders are called deltoids and there are varying exercises with varying results for this area. The shoulders are big contributors to movement in the body and consist of a elaborate network of muscles. Due to the complexity of the muscle structure, a mixture of different exercises must be performed to give a balanced source of strengthening.

Proportioning exercises to all parts of the shoulders is not just for visually appealing reasons, the shoulders can be vulnerable to injury if certain areas are underdeveloped.

Following are a some easy exercises for the shoulders that will encompass all areas of the shoulder muscle structure . You can do these exercises when sitting or standing but it is a good idea to alternate if possible.

For these exercises have a set of dumbbells and a straight-backed chair (if you are intending to sit while exercising). The chair must be at the correct height to allow you to sit down with you legs and back straight and soles of the feet flat on the floor.

Exercise 1 – Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Raise the dumbbells overhead either together or individually.

Exercise 2 – Lateral Raises

Raising the weights up to the height of the shoulder

Exercise 3 – Front Raises

Raise the right arm, keeping it straight. out in front of you to the height of the shoulder. Slowly lower then the same for the left arm.

Exercise 4 – Arnold Press

Begin with your arms straight out in front and palms facing the front of the shoulders then raise the arms to a little above the head making sure to twirl the arms so that the palms will be facing outwards. This can be performed with both arms or individually.

This exercise can also be performed using a barbell, either at home if you have one, or at the gym. Lift the barbell above your head. Using both weights has benefits for different parts of the shoulder so it is a good idea to alternate giving a more complete work out to the shoulder.

Before embarking on your shoulder exercises, make sure you warm up the area. This can be done simply by following the same exercise process but with a much lighter weight, around 50 % lighter than the weight you will use for the routine.

Remember to take the routine slowly. Rushing the positions will reduce the benefits to the muscles in terms of strengthening and definition. Also remember to breathe steadily and breathe out under exertion. Other joints such as the elbows must be aligned during the course of the exercise.

Exercising of all types is vital for the general health of the body, however you should consult with your doctor before commencing a new work out regime including a shoulder work out.