Ladies, Use These 3 Easy To Follow Arm Exercises

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No woman wants to end up like Hulk Hogan, and this worry can prevent many from focusing on the upper body and arms when exercising. The fact is, it would take an incredible amount of heavy weight-lifting to build the arms to the degree of a body builder, however it is possible to achieve a nicely toned upper body, shoulder area and arms.

Even if the arms and shoulders do increase slightly due to the muscle tone, this can be beneficial to those with bigger hips to give better proportion.

Giving your arms a boost to increase the muscle definition can easily be achieved in the comfort of your own home. You will need some weights for your work-out which will consist of dumbbells, a much smaller version of the large weights that weight lifters use in competitions which have two heavy weights at each end of a long metal bar.

Dumbbells are sold in most sports shops, or you could pick up a cheap second hand pair at a yard sale. Failing that have a look in your local classified ads paper for offers.

Following are the 3 exercises using the dumbbells. Remember to complete all the exercises, if you only centre on one set of muscles, there may be risk of injury to other muscles.

When carrying out the exercises do so with slow moving action. Doing the exercises in a rapid fashion does not create better results.

Begin with the lightest weight to avoid straining your muscles. Then move on to the next weight, you should begin to feel the effects later in the day depending on when you do the exercises.

Exercise 1 – The Bicep Curl – 25 Repetitions (Toning of the upper arm)<br />

With arms straight down with palms forward, bring the weight up to the shoulder, then slowly bring the arms back down.

Exercise 2 – The Triceps Press – 20 Repetitions (Toning back of the upper arm)<br />

Standing with your feet the length of your shoulders apart, take a large step forward with your body leaning slightly forward. Gradually raise the weights up behind you until the palms of your hands are facing upwards. Gently go as far as you can then gradually lower your hands down again. – swap legs at 10 repetitions.

Exercise 3 – The Deltoid Press – 25 Repetitions (Toning shoulder-top muscles)

With the weights held straight out at each side and slightly above the shoulder, slowly with palms facing forward, raise weights above your head then slowly back down

Once your muscles have become accustomed to the work out, you can boost the intensity by doing the exercise twice and then 3 times. Doing the exercises 3 times per week will have your arms toned in a relatively short period of time.

Remember to discuss with your doctor before embarking on a new exercise program. Original article