Knee Exercises For Strengthening And Supporting Arthritic Knees

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When suffering from arthritis in the knees it is very beneficial to adopt an exercise routine for the knees. These exercises will help to strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding the knees giving a better flexibly and increase the ability to move more comfortably. Exercise is also important for keeping the knee cartilage healthy and increase the capacity for cell regeneration.

Following are a set of useful exercises to include in your regime.

Exercise 1 – Strengthening The Knee

Sit down on a chair that allows you to put your feet on the floor, soles flat and thighs completely straight. Tighten your right thigh muscles, you will notice slight movement in the kneecap with the pulling action.

Now move your right foot forward by pushing with the heel, rotate your toes slowly in a circular motion for around half a minute. Repeat the process with the left leg.

Make sure your knee is always straight without falling to either side.

Exercise 2 – Strengthening The Supporting Muscle Network

Remain on the chair and cross your ankles so that they are pressing on each other. Make sure the pressure is balanced in either ankle when pressing and the legs should be completely still. Remain in that position for 10 seconds then release them. Repeat the process with the legs changed around.

It is possible to carry out this exercise with the legs straight or bent, find out which one suits you and is most comfortable. You should not feel pain but the knee muscles being worked.

Try not to hold your breath while performing the exercises, breathe normally. If any pain is felt discontinue the exercise and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Before beginning any exercise program especially for a medical condition, always check with your doctor first.

There are some types of exercise that are not suitable for artritic joints, especially high impact exercise such running, skipping and jumping of any kind onto a hard surface. If you enjoy a sport that will have you bearing down heavily on the knee joint, even with mild arthritis, is advisable to stop and go for something with less impact.

The ideal sport would be swimming given the support of the water but still working out the muscles. Other exercise machines found in a gym are suitable such as cycling machines with no heavy impact. It is essential to have exercise as a part of the lifestyle both for strengthening the muscles as well as maintaining health in general.