An Essential Leg Work-Out To Avoid The Lollypop Look

March 30, 2009 by  
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When working out, many people concentrate on the buttocks upwards forgetting about the necessity for strengthening the legs. Before long, the upper body muscle volume has increased with the size of the legs being disproportionate, hence the lollypop angle. Leg exercise is vital to give an overall balance and remember those legs have to carry the upper bulk.

A leg workout, is in fact beneficial for many other parts of the body also, such as the buttocks, waistline and hip and pelvis area. Any exercise is always beneficial for the cardiovascular muscles. Due to the multi faceted high intensity of a leg workout, you may feel a bit light-headed afterwards.

When working out the legs there are 4 major leg muscles that you should concentrate on. These include the muscles at the front of the thigh called the quadriceps, the hamstring located on the back of the thigh, the calves at the back, lower part of the leg and the buttocks also known as glutes. Try to get a good balance of exercise to each area as often as you can and do not over-develop one area with another left under-developed, this can create problems

Following are a set of exercises encompassing all areas of note to get your legs looking great.

Exercise 1 – Quads and Glutes

Squatting using the barbell is a traditional, highly effective exercise for the glutes and quads. Place the barbell behind head on an area known as the trapezius muscles and slightly bend forward slowly and begin bending your knees only when you need to bring the buttocks near to the ground. The knees should be kept pointing ahead. When the thighs become inline with the ground, stop and start to slowly rise up to the starting position. The body must be kept straight and no movements to the side.

Exercise 2 – Calves

This area can be more difficult to see quick results so remember to concentrate on the calves as part of your exercise program.
Use the calf raise in a variety of positions including sitting and standing with the feet pointing in and out, to maximize the development of the whole region.

Exercise 3 – Hamstrings

The hamstrings are a unique feature in the workout as they are actually a tendon as opposed to a muscle but have to be focused on to build strength so they are not strained with the development of other surrounding muscles.

Try some hamstring stretches by lying straight back on the floor or by using the leg curl.

Exercise is vital for maintaining health, but remember to consult your doctor before embarking on a new exercise program, this includes a leg workout.