Basics of Aerobics

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Aerobics, in practice, is an exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercises with strength training and stretching. Aerobics is usually done with music, although it isn’t necessary. It is also commonly done in groups with an instructor leading. Going solo can also be done. Being rhythmically and musically oriented, aerobics can be seen as a form of a dance routine.

A combination of different forms of exercise, aerobics enhances the muscular strength, cardio-vascular fitness and flexibility of an individual. Aerobics can be done at different levels that vary in complexity and intensity. Most gyms offer aerobic classes that are done in a group setting with a certified instructor leading. Aerobics videos are also popular among people who prefer to do their workout at home.

Aerobics offer a lot of benefits to an individual. This can include an improvement in cardio-vascular fitness and performance, which an aerobic exercise basically does. Cardio-vascular performance improvement means there is a better disposal of carbon dioxide from the body, stronger heart and lungs, and efficiency in the utilization of oxygen. But aerobics as a routine can deliver more than a standard aerobic exercise. By targeting specific muscles, one can stimulate mild strength training on that part.

Flexibility can also be improved, especially since a stretching routine usually starts off an aerobics routine. Probably the most sought after benefit of aerobics is weight loss. As with other exercises, it burns calories much faster than accomplishing everyday tasks. By doing different routines and exercises, one can actually target specific areas which is desired to be trimmed or strengthened.

Aerobics has developed into different types that differ in form and techniques. These types develop as an answer to physical limitations and different interests of people practicing it. The popular types are:

• Low impact aerobics – this type caters to people that can do less physical exertion than most people like pregnant women, overweight people and senior citizens. This type mostly involves large muscle groups in low intensity workouts.

• Step aerobics – a notch higher in intensity than low impact aerobics, step workout involves stepping on platform intensifying normal routines.

• Dance aerobics – incorporating dance with aerobics routine, this type is a good fat burning type of aerobics. It can also promote strength development and flexibility. Being a popular type, dance aerobics is available in different complexities and form.

• Sports aerobics – a hybrid of aerobics and competitive sports like gymnastics, this type is much more physically intensive. A competitive endeavor in aerobics, sports aerobics combines the intensity of a sport and the fun of aerobics.

• Water aerobics – a relatively new aerobics type, this is suitable for people with ailing joints and other related problems. Done on water, which is a heavier medium than air, water aerobics exercises can build strength and burn fat efficiently.

There are more types to choose from. You can check what your local gym offers and choose which one will interest you and be within your capacity to perform. Aerobics are known to be fun and easy to perform, whether in a group or alone. It offers a wide range of benefits which pretty much covers everything.

Tips on Aerobics

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Aerobics has been a popular choice among people these past years. This could be due to the fact that most aerobics routine and program deliver a lot of benefits. Basically an aerobic exercise, aerobics can improve cardiovascular fitness. This means that the heart and lungs are performing better and efficiently. This leads to an increase in endurance and less problems with weak heart and lungs.

Aerobics can also certainly bring about weight loss since it burns fat and tones muscle. It can also be designed to target specific areas of concern to get desired results. Other than the mentioned benefits of aerobic exercises, aerobics can also bring about benefits found in the different forms of exercises. Stretching routines and the wide range of motion found in aerobics can improve flexibility, leading to a lesser risk of injury. High impact aerobics can also offer strength training in areas exercised. This promotes muscle growth, performance and endurance.

However, to get these benefits without risking injury, proper procedures must be done. If you are in the gym or at home using aerobics videos, make sure you follow what the instructor tells you. Not following the instructions does not only increase the chance of injury but also decreases the chance that you’ll get the full benefit. Here are more tips to make your aerobics routine much more fun and beneficial.

• Don’t do more than you can. Do the exercises or enroll at a level that doesn’t need you to do much more than you could. Try the simplest routines first and move to higher intensities only if you feel you can do a higher level of exercise.

• Do aerobics by levels. Don’t jump around different intensities or complexities. This will result to a fluctuation in your routines that will negate some improvements you have made.

• Align aerobics with your interests. Aerobics can actually give you different types and methods of exercises that will fit your specific interest and hobbies. For example, if you like dancing, there is a dance aerobics program for you, or if you prefer martial arts you could enroll in boxing aerobics.

• Do aerobics regularly. Every exercise program and routines are designed to be done regularly and faithfully. The best way to be able to regularly exercise is to program a schedule which works around your daily tasks. This will make aerobics a part of your weekly routine and thus will be hard to miss.

• Wear appropriate gear. There are gears specially made for tasks done in aerobics such as shoes and apparel. While not overly important in achieving the inherent benefits of aerobics, using the proper gear and being in the right attire can improve comfort and safety. These can greatly motivate one to perform at the top level. Never mind the shoes though if you’re into aqua aerobics.

• Do it with family members. Encouraging family members, and even friends, to join in can greatly increase the level of fun and commitment one gets.

• Keep the end in mind. Work to improve on what you already got. If you think you are already at your desired shape and condition, aim to maintain it. The important thing is to have a goal that will keep you committed to your aerobics program.

If you want to try aerobics out, then following these tips is a great way to start your new routine. Remember, it takes a lot of hard work if you want to shed those pounds and keep healthy. In the end, however, it will all be worth it.