Erectile Dysfunction

ED – What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) was once simply known as impotence and pertains to the inability to get or keep a penis erection. There are various causes of erectile dysfunction, as well as different types and levels of male impotence.

Most men are capable of getting a penis erection whenever they wish, but sometimes a man may have trouble in getting an erection and keeping it. This may be due to excess alcohol, work anxiety, or sexual performance anxiety. Because of this, an impotence remedy may be sought after.

Professional advice, however, is usually only recommended when the erection problems are severe or if a male erection is essential for peace of mind. Sex is a natural need in life and is perfectly healthy, but there may be times when men simply do not have a problem with not getting a male erection.

When it becomes a real erection problem, it may come in various levels. Due to underlying physiological needs matched with external circumstances, a penis erection may be extremely hard, partly hard, or simply limp. Partial male erections may be enough to satisfy a man and his sexual partner.

Those underlying physiological needs are pretty easy to understand.

The male penis is full of small chambers and tubes, the major one of which is known as the corpora cavernosa, where spongy tissues lie. This tissue is made of many smooth muscle fibers, fluids, and blood vessels.

In a normal situation, stimulating the penis will send blood to flow, fill the space and swell up its muscles. Because of the pressure of the fluid, a penis erection will ensure.

This may be a simple process; however, a ton of complex body functions are involved and therefore, a lot of erection problems may occur. Blood pressure may change, nerves may not be sent out properly, and muscles may fail to become stimulated.

A male’s psychological features also play an important part in how to get an erection. Stimulation is purely physical around the penis, but it is also part of the limbic system in the brain, which is linked to a man’s emotions. Even when physical stimulation may not be involved, this part of the brain may be ignited by pure imagery or imagination that may or may not be related to sex.

These psychological features may therefore go astray. Other causes of erectile dysfunction may include depression, self-deception or anxiety that could cause erectile problems for a long time in a number of sexual encounters.

No matter what the causes of erectile dysfunction, however, there are a number of effective erectile dysfunction treatments out there to use.