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Zone Diet – Balancing Your Way to Weight Loss

Throughout the years, more and more diet programs center mostly on the intake reduction and minimization of carbohydrates and calories. Though most of them have claimed to be successful in their goals, it is also important to note that these body components are essential to the body. A known diet which has taken consideration of the intake of carbohydrates and other calories is the Zone diet. So, what is the zone diet? Simply stated, this is a diet that centers upon balance and proportionality.

The zone diet was popularized by a biochemist named Barry Sears. Unlike the rest of the diets, the zone diet has proved that the intake of carbohydrates, protein and fats at a certain ratio is very beneficial to human health. According to Sears, the proper proportion comes at 40:30:30 (40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 30% fats) respectively. The proper ratio of these components can produce a commendable rate of weight loss. The Zone diet concept centers mostly on proper hormonal balance.

With a balanced level of insulin in our body, coupled with not too high levels of glucagon, our body releases some anti-inflammatory chemicals such as eiconasoids. Based on the Zone diet, these eiconasoids are hormones which control silent inflammations in the body, and also indirectly set an array of hormonal systems in the body.

According to Sears, the 40:30 ratios of carbohydrates to protein cause this effect. In addition to this, the zone diet creates a balance of caloric levels. This makes calories to be more efficient, preventing the conversion of excess calories to fat. Do note that our body cannot burn and store fat at the same time. Changing from burning to storing and vice-versa takes a decent amount of time to take effect. And because of such, using stored fat as energy causes a considerable weight loss.

Although the zone diet plan doesn’t require strict abstinence of high carbohydrate intake as what other diet programs have established, the zone diet still attains the goal through the theory of hormonal balance. This makes the zone diet program definitely different from the rest of its counterparts. Doesn’t really matter if you eat some fatty foods, as long as you maintain and preserve the balance and proportion of the diet, you will still be on your way towards proper weight loss. This diet, like some other programs, is not an overnight solution to weight problems but the thing that makes it different is that it gives the client more freedom of choice on foods and lesser restriction and limitations.

Overall, the zone diet meals cater mostly on moderation with low-fat protein, low glyceric-load carbohydrates, which are found on fruits and vegetables, and the heart-friendly monounsaturated fats. So, if you’re new to dieting and don’t want to be overly stressed with high limitations of food as stated by some other diets, this diet might just work for you.

Moderate carbohydrate, moderate amount of protein and fat, seeking hormonal balance is what makes up the entire zone diet plan.