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Raw Food Diet–The Know-Hows

A number of diets have been introduced over the past decade in confronting the major weight problem in the United States. Several diet methods have surfaced lately, each claiming to reduce weight in a matter of weeks. And each has their factors and components.. Having a raw food lifestyle is one of the trends today. We’re going to review an outstanding diet that would eventually stand out in the group – the Raw Food Diet.

The raw food diet has been there for quite some time. It basically revolves around on uncooked plant foods and unprocessed products. Plant foods include fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds, beans, grains, nuts and the like. According to the diet, food when cooked at a certain level destroys a portion of important and essential enzymes. Undoubtedly, these enzymes are very useful since these aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Exposure to heat, as in cooking, is considered to damage the nutritional value of a certain food.

Eating raw food has its own advantages and health benefits. These include a slight increase in energy, weight loss, better digestion, improved skin appearance, and reduced risk of heart problems. Raw food diet has a smaller amount of trans fats and saturated fats as compared to the regular American diet. On record, unprocessed foods are naturally recognized by our bodily systems. Natural or raw food are therefore easily broken down and utilized by our body. These foods are known to have low sodium concentrations but have high magnesium, potassium, folate and fiber. Because of such elemental concentrations, the risk of heart disease is significantly reduced if you’re following this diet. They also reduce the risk of diabetes and, on some occasions, cancer.

Though there are a lot of raw foods in the market, it is advisable to eat only the scientifically acceptable. Unprocessed and organic foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, seeds, young coconut milk, purified water, seaweed, dried fruit and the like are some great examples. Do note though that at least 75% of the food should not be heated over 116 degrees F. Raw food diet recipes reciprocates specific cooking techniques, which help aid in better digestion and absorption. Some examples of these include juicing fruit and vegetables, blending, dehydrating food, soaking nuts and dried fruit and the like. In doing so, you must also secure some equipment to aid your raw food diet. Things you probably need in preparing such would be a dehydrator, a juice extractor, a durable blender or food processor, large glass containers and mason jars for additional storage.

Well, raw food diet is indeed nutritional and very beneficial but there are still a lot of things that we’d need to note before proceeding with such diet. Raw food is not recommended for children, pregnant women, persons with anemia and the like. Well, this diet may not be for everyone but the reward it yields is still worth a try. If you’re planning on a healthy and vital living, raw food diet might be a good option for you.