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The Flat Belly Diet – A Healthy Approach to Weight Loss

Many of us may have constantly been trying to find ways in reducing unwanted weight. It is very common for an average American not practicing a healthy diet and lifestyle to have a belly bulge and maybe overweight.

This excess weight generally affects our self-esteem, body figure and such. There have been tons of known practices to reduce this problem. Most of us would probably take it out on the gym; some even desperately try those one-hit wonder exercise machines which end up a waste due to compensation of food intake. In this article, we are going to take a look at this promising product which aims to go around the common weight problem – the Flat Belly Diet book.

Like most weight reducing products, Flat Belly Diet’s goal is to reduce weight in a specific duration depending on constant practice. However unlike the usual exercise machines and such, the Flat Belly Diet book claims that the reduction in weight is all a matter of self control and proper nutrition. Let us take a closer look into this product and see if it speaks for itself. First off, Flat Belly Diet is written by Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass, both with solid health and nutritional background. Liz Vaccariello is editor-in-chief of Prevention Magazine, while Cynthia Sass is the magazine’s nutrition director. Standard background checks on the authors are really important in reading a certain book.

Next thing, we proceed to the actual content of the Flat Belly Diet book. With a promising goal of reducing weight without taking on too much gym work, this book is definitely something to look at. The Flat Belly Diet principles center on one thing – monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA).

Yes, this component is the one thing that makes the program in this book quite unique and distinguishing. The main concept or idea is very simple. According to the book, in order to have proper weight reduction, you need to reduce your caloric intake and add monounsaturated fatty acids in your diet. Some foods rich in MUFA include avocado, peanut, healthy oils, dark chocolate and the like. With the addition of MUFA into the diet, belly fat reduction initializes. The presence of MUFA aids in the removal of belly fat deposits and further prevention of fats accumulation in the said area. This, together with the decrease in caloric intake, seems pretty logical.

Flat Belly Diet book basically comes in two parts. It is somewhat the same with other diet program books. The first part revolves around general introduction. It states the importance of the diet, how it works, and its advantages; well basically, some good stuff we’d like to read while we’re in the program.

The second part is where the real program starts. It consists of two subparts – the first 4 days usually make up the so called Anti-Bloat Jumpstart; after that, the 28-day plan begins to set in. Motivation and adapting to healthy habits is the vital component of this part. This is reinforced by Flat Belly Diet menus, the Flat Belly Diet cookbook, and Flat Belly Diet recipes.

Overall, Flat Belly Diet book is really something to look at. If you’re the kind of person who likes to reduce weight through a healthy approach, this is certainly worth trying.