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The Diabetic Diet–Healthy Eating for the Diabetic

A diabetic diet is designed for persons suffering from diabetes mellitus. It is done to control the amount of sugar consumed by the patient. Carbohydrates are also discouraged in this diet because it has a high glycemic index. A high fiber meal with fruits and vegetables is usually recommended.

American Diabetic Association recommends these as a basic building block for a diabetic diet. These diabetic diet guidelines are:
- Consuming more starches – cereals, bread and vegetables rich in starch
- Eating five fruits and veggies every day – this are high in fiber content
- Moderation in the intake of sweets and sugars – a common advice for diabetics

Soluble fibers found in seeds, fruits and vegetables are especially recommended for a diabetic diet plan. Soluble fibers slow down, and to a point, reduce the absorption of glucose in the intestines. Legumes are high in soluble fibers. Insoluble fibers, found in whole grains and nuts, in a diabetic diet help in cleaning the digestive tract. Drinking the right amount of water can do wonders too.

You can consult a dietician to devise a diabetic diet plan that will work for you. However, in lieu of the unavailability of a dietician, you can check resources such as books and the internet for safe, proven and free diabetic plans. These sources offer diabetic diet recipes that are simple enough to make and will surely be safe to eat.

There are also various programs that are designed to control how much calorie you consume thus helping you in losing weight. Such programs are aptly named as 1800 calorie diabetic plan, 1500 calorie diabetic plan, 1200 diabetic plan, etc. As important an issue as what to eat is when to eat. The timing of meals in a diabetic diet mainly depends on the type of insulin one is using. Consult your doctor on what would work best for you.

A diabetic diet plan can be flexible and varied. The main issue is just the control of substances which might be harmful to a diabetic. Lots of sites online are dedicated to guiding patients on how to make foods that will prove safe for a diabetic to eat. These recipes are never bland and boring.

Choosing a good diabetic diet is as simple as choosing which recipes you are most surely to enjoy. And as was mentioned earlier, timing of meals is an essential part of diabetic diet plan. Another treat for those who follow their diet plans is weight loss. Diabetic diet recipes are designed to be healthy. It limits the amount of carbohydrates and fat present thus making you fitter.

For more diabetic diet info, you can check with your doctor, dietician, books and the internet. There are lots of people out there, diabetic or not, willing to help you. All you have to do is ask.

Being on a diabetic diet plan doesn’t only mean you are eating what’s right for your condition; it also means that you’re eating what is right. Proven healthy and beneficial, diabetic diets are a diabetic’s partner in the struggle.